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Offer Cart Discounts to Reduce Abandonment

Boost store conversions and reduce cart abandonments with the WooCommerce cart discounts plugin. The tool helps you automate cart discounts based on cart elements. You can offer discounts when a customer reaches a defined range of cart amount, quantity, products, or weight. You can boost sales by offering discounts for specific products, categories, and user roles.

You can also improve sales by sending discount emails to users with abandoned carts. Use discounts to encourage users to return and complete their purchases. Discounts can be either fixed or percentage-based. WooCommerce discount plugin includes extensive customization settings such as changing text, color, font, and size for the rules popup, congratulations popup, and discount widget.


  • Offer conditional cart discounts
  • Base conditions on:
    • Total cart amounts
    • Cart quantities
    • Total products
    • Cart abandonment
    • Cart weights
    • Selected products or categories
  • Manage multiple rules to oversee discounts
  • Automate cart discounts with schedules
  • Fixed or percentage-based discounts
  • Offer cart discounts to specific users
  • Personalize rules and congratulations pop-ups
  • Enable abandoned cart emails
  • Add discount widgets

Offer cart discounts with rules

Conditional discounts for WooCommerce enable you to offer cart discounts by creating rules and setting different conditions. Multiple rules creation allows you to run and manage multiple promotions with priority.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Automate cart discounts

Schedule every rule with a starting and ending date to automatically activate and end discount offers.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Offer discounts on multiple modes

WooCommerce all discounts plugin helps you set up different modes (conditions) as criteria for discounts.

  • Total amount: set a minimum and maximum cart amount
  • Total quantities: set a minimum and maximum cart quantity to enable WooCommerce discount based on quantity
  • Total products: set a minimum and maximum number of products
  • Cart abandonment: define abandonment based on length of inactivity
  • Cart weight: set a minimum and maximum weight in kilograms
  • Specific products or categories: choose specific products or categories

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Fixed or percentage-based discounts

WooCommerce category discount plugin offers a flat discount on a fixed amount or the admin can assign a percentage discount.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Restrict discounts to specific users

Specify user roles to ensure only targeted users of your online store receive discount offers. You can nominate users by their roles.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Personalize the discount criteria popup

You can customize the rules popup to communicate the conditions required to receive cart discounts. You can personalize the popup message, and its font, size, color, and text.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Enable congratulations popup

Add a congratulations popup to the buyer’s journey to greet them with a customizable message and color theme to match your store.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Send abandoned cart emails reminders

Bring your potential customers back to the store by sending them discount offers via email addresses (when available).

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce

Add a discount widget

WooCommerce cart discounts plugin allows you to add a discount widget as well. Customize the widget display. Show it on mouse hover, as a time-bound label, or as a fixed icon on the right side of the browser.

Cart Discounts for WooCommerce


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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