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Consent Mode Banner PRO

Comply with GDPR, CCPA and advertising platforms's requirements with simple, lightweight (~3kB) consent banner compatible with Google Consent Mode v2.

  • Deploy required Google Consent Mode v2 without complex configuration
  • Designed to be non-intrusive and does not affect your website’s load time.
  • Allows users to specify their consent for different purposes (e.g., necessary, analytics, marketing).
  • Helps in making your website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Two Modes

  1. Choose between the bottom bar and central modal view to match your website UX.
  2. Enable an opaque “wall” that prevents the user from interacting with the page before making their consent decision.

Key features

  • No account or monthly subscriptions required
  • Small JS code ~3kB that’s self-hosted served from your domain
  • Native out-of-the-box integration with Google Consent Mode v2
  • Compatible with Google Tag (GA4 and Google Ads) as well as Google Tag Manager
  • Fully customisable and translatable content

Google Consent Mode v2 out of the box

  • Right after installation, Google Consent Mode v2 is enabled by default
  • Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads integrations will start working right away.
  • Use native Google Tag Manager consent mode features like the Consent Overview screen and Additional Consent Checks to ensure all tags adhere to your policy.

Settings Screen

  • The settings view allows the user to select every consent type individually. Control every item on the list, specify the default value, and if given, consent is required.
  • Settings view can be opened from the link that you can add to the page footer.

Fully configurable

  • Customize every text preset on the banner, and use simple Markdown to include links and basic text styling.
  • Change the button’s text or remove them entirely if not needed.
  • Apply custom CSS styling.

Lightweight and self-hosted

Load two minimal CSS and JS files that total around 3.5kB. Serve those files from your Woo web store domain instead of 3rd party URLs.

Do I need to configure anything in GTM to enable consent mode?

Once your Consent Banner is deployed the Consent Mode will be provided and will work with Google Tags
(GA4 and Google Ads) out-of-the-box. For other integrations you need to review your GTM tags to ensure they have correct consent checks settings. You can use Consent Overview screen to quickly review and update tags. Read more.

Is it compatible with direct GA4 or Google Ads integration?

Yes, both direct usage of Google Tags and Google Tag Manager are supported. The plugin sends standard Consent Mode v2 parameters that will be respected by those tags.

Is it compatible with Facebook Pixel?

It can be compatible if Facebook Pixel is implemented via Google Tag Manager and correct consent settings are applied in GTM workspace. Read more.

How to inject GTM tracking snippet?

By default this plugin push consent information to the GTM DataLayer object that can be installed by other plugins or directly in the theme code. It can also embed GTM snippets, go to settings to configure it.

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