Coupons Pro allows you to offer coupons to your customers in two ways: Product Page Coupons and Re-Engagement Coupons.

Benefits of Coupons Pro

1. Discounts on Your Products Using Product Page Coupons

You can provide discounts on your products using Product Page Coupons, which can bring you more sales — especially from people who are interested in purchasing a product but are unsure because of the price.

2. Re-Engage Your Inactive Customers Using Coupons

Re-Engagement Coupons can help reconnect you to inactive customers, which may encourage them to revisit and purchase products on your site.

Product Page Coupons

You can offer product discounts using Product Page Coupons.

Here’s how it works

* When the module is configured, on Single Product Pages, a checkbox along with the discount details will be visible before the Add to Cart button.

* If the user adds the product to the cart and enables the discount checkbox, a coupon will be automatically applied to the user’s cart. The user then pays the after-discount price.

* If the user does not check the discount box on the single product page, they will still have the ability to enable the discount on the cart page.


* Offering discounts through Product Page Coupons can improve conversions — your customers will know the discount before adding the product to the cart, which can act as a trigger to complete the purchase.

Re-Engagement Coupons

Re-Engagement Coupons allow you to send follow-up emails with a coupon code to your customers who have purchased from your site in the past but haven’t made a purchase recently.

Here’s how it works

* When the module is configured, the plugin automatically identifies the customers who are inactive on the site based on predefined rules.

* Once the inactive customers are identified, follow-up emails can be sent either automatically or manually after a review.

* The issued coupons will be listed in a separate table within the plugin. From there, the site admin can review information, such as:

  • Coupon Code
  • Coupon Value
  • Issued To
  • Order ID Used
  • Expiry Date

* Sending follow-up emails with a coupon code to inactive customers is a proven way to gain their trust and make them purchase again on your site.

Collect and Save Coupons

Collect and Save Coupons allows your users to collect coupons that are being offered on your site and use them at a later date.

Here’s how it works

* When the module is configured, the coupons which can be collected will be displayed on a separate page.

* Users can collect the coupons from this page and use them at the specified time.

* Users will also be notified via email when the usage date starts for a collected coupon.

Bulk Generate Coupons

Bulk Generate Coupons allows you to generate coupons in bulk. The coupons can be generated in the following ways,

1. Generate and Add to the Site

2. Generate and Export as CSV. The exported CSV has to be again uploaded to the site to convert them as Coupons.

3. Generate and Email Coupons to Users.

Birthday Coupons

Birthday Coupons allows you to offer coupons to your users for their Birthday. Coupons can be set be issued in the following ways,

– On the Birthday
– Before the Birthday
– After the Birthday


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Coupons Pro for WooCommerce helps you get more sales through product discounts and re-engagement of your inactive customers.

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