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FreeAgent for WooCommerce

Developed by The team at PIE
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FreeAgent for WooCommerce Sale!

Developed by The team at PIE

Information & Requirements

  • A FreeAgent account
View documentation for more info

Easy to manage synchronization between WooCommerce and FreeAgent

The FreeAgent for WooCommerce extension allows you to easily keep your orders in sync with your invoices.

Setup in seconds

It’s really easy to install and setup and can immediately begin creating invoices for new orders.

Take control with the many setup options the plugin has to offer, allowing you to handle the invoicing your way.

Key features

  • Allows complete synchronization between WooCommerce orders and FreeAgent invoices
  • Creates FreeAgent invoices (manually or automatically) when orders are created
  • Updates invoices when payments have been made
  • Easily keep track of invoices from your orders screens
  • Plug-and-play functionality – just install, activate and go!

How it works

Once the plugin is installed and the settings are configured to your liking, invoicing can begin. If selected, automatic invoices will be created when a new order is placed. Details of the linked invoice will appear on the orders screen for easy reference.

If you have opted to create invoices manually, simple controls will appear on the orders listing screen and on the individual order screen to allow you to do this.

Detailed FreeAgent Invoices

Each order will have it’s order items added as a separate line item on the FreeAgent invoice with it’s corresponding tax rate. There is also an option to select which income category and bank account you would like these invoices to use.

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