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Google Automated Discounts Pro for WooCommerce

Automate discounts for your WooCommerce store with Google Automated Discounts Pro for WooCommerce.

Automate Discounts and Increase Your Market Share

Google Automated Discounts Pro for WooCommerce is an extension that allows WooCommerce merchants to work with Google Automated Discounts. Once installed, Google Automated Discounts Pro for WooCommerce can help increase your market share by offering competitive prices to your customers.

What is it?

In a price-sensitive market where businesses offer numerous products, keeping track of competitor prices can be challenging. Google’s new program, Google Automated Discounts, is designed to help. By automatically adjusting product prices, it efficiently boosts market share for merchants.

Introducing the Google Automated Discounts Pro for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin seamlessly integrates all the technical elements necessary for Google’s Automated Discounts to work, making it easier than ever to stay competitive in the market.

Business Requirements

Before purchasing this plugin, meet all of Google’s business requirements. If you don’t meet the business requirements, Google won’t activate Automated Discounts for you: Google Automated Discounts Business Requirements

Technical Requirements

Google has several business and technical requirements. The plugin meets all its technical requirements, including:

  • Process a JWT token issued by Google
  • Validate the cryptographic signatures
  • Validate product IDs
  • Validate expiration dates and times
  • Validate the currency
  • Show the discounted price on the product page
  • Show the discounted price for a discounted product on the entire shop
  • Keep the discounted price for at least 30 minutes of the session
  • Keep the discounted price for 48 hours after the product has been added to the cart
  • Process the purchase with the discounted price


Learn more about Google Automated Discounts in their support article.


Minimum PHP version: 7.2

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