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InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce

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InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce

InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce

Add the fastest, most advanced, cloud-based instant search to your WooCommerce store, and see your conversion rates go up. A state-of-the-art eCommerce search that engages your users from the first typed character, powers-up your merchandizing, and delivers a personalized experience at a lightning speed.

Enjoy our 30-day FREE TRIAL and then sign up to one of our affordable subscriptions from $4.99 per month or the discounted price of $48 per year.  InstantSearch+ is free up to 50 products.

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Fastest Instant Search for WooCommerce Increases Conversion

  • Cloud-based, CDN-backed, fastest search for your users – wherever they are
  • Serves everything, including images, from the cloud – does not load your server
  • Search-as-you-type drop-down results with images & price from the first typed character

WooComemrce Filters


Contemporary, Relevant, and Integrated Search Results Page

  • Increase Sales with high relevancy search results
  • Delight users with professionally-looking results page
  • Get dynamically generated filters to help users narrow down results
  • A learning search algorithm that improves continuously

WooCommerce Full Text Serach - Did You Mean


State-of-the-Art eCommerce Merchandising

  • Did You Mean auto-type correction for spelling mistakes
  • Synonyms and turbolinks that find products the way users are looking for them.
  • Adaptive product promotions personalized to what users are searching for


Analytics that Help you Serve Your Users Better

  • Top under-served searches – what people did not find on your site
  • Top product suggests, searches, and $ value -chosen by your users
  • Configuration dashboard to customize the search experience
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