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Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce

Sync your website's data, like contacts, products, and orders, over Salesforce CRM with salesforce CRM integration.

  • WooCommerce orders synced with Salesforce order items irrespective of the payment method used by your customers.
  • Wipe Data option, as soon as you disconnect the integration between WooCommerce and Salesforce.
  • Syncs your WooCommerce data with Salesforce CRM in real-time and displays the records via sync logs.
  • This integration uses API layer verifications and validations to secure incoming data before it integrates into the CRM.

Features For WooCommerce Salesforce Integration

Field Values

1. Order Notes

Salesforce eCommerce integrations enable merchants to fetch the order notes, which can be mapped to the order feed and opportunity feed. 

2. Order Details 

Woo Salesforce Integration allows merchants to fetch the order edit URL, order sub-total, and order number in order values which can be mapped to account feed, contact feed, order feed, and opportunity feed. 

3. Coupons Used in the Order

The integration with Salesforce allows merchants to send coupon codes used in the order to the desired field in Salesforce. 

4. Total Discount Provided by the Coupons Used

Salesforce CRM integration allows merchants to send the total discount provided by the coupon codes used in the order to the desired field in Salesforce. 


1. Product Stock In WooCommerce 

With WooCommerce Salesforce Integration, merchants can sync the product stock from Salesforce to WooCommerce by just enabling the feature and entering the API name of the field that they are using to store the stock value. After this, every 5 minutes a cron will run which will update your product stock quantity (if there are any changes). 

2. WooCommerce Products Over Integration With Salesforce 

The product feeds feature of this Salesforce WooCommerce integration plugin syncs all your online store’s products over to your Salesforce CRM account. Every new product you add to your WooCommerce syncs automatically data sync for product feeds enabled by you while configuring the plugin settings.

3. Instant Data Sync, Manual Data Sync, And Historical Data Sync

Woo Salesforce Integration now syncs all your data in 4 ways based on your configurations and requirements –

  • Instant sync or real-time data sync
  • Background syncing
  • Syncing specific data manually
  • Historical data sync for past data

4. Manual Sync And Bulk Sync

Salesforce eCommerce Integration uses the manual sync and bulk sync options in the Salesforce WordPress Salesforce Integration for custom feeds as well. 


1. Product Details

The Salesforce CRM integration plugin now provides mapping product details such as product display URL, product type, and product status.

2. Product Categories and Attributes

You can allow your product categories and variable product attributes to be mapped seamlessly over Salesforce from your WooCommerce store using the latest version of our Salesforce Connector plugin in the Products feed.

3. Billing And Shipping Country Name

Using the Woo Salesforce Integration plugin you can also map the billing country name and shipping country name instead of just mapping the country codes.

4. Shipping State Name

With Salesforce API Integration, you can easily map the billing and shipping state names over to Salesforce with the Orders Feed.

5. Product Tags And Sub-Categories

WooCommerce Salesforce Integration allows seamless mapping of product tags and sub-categories as requested by our clients in the Product Feed of this plugin.    

Data logs for Easy Tracking

This feature lists all the WooCommerce data synced to your Salesforce WooCommerce Integration.

  • Feeds synced
  • WooCommerce object and object ID
  • Salesforce object and object ID
  • Time of sync

This feature also allows you to delete entries from the data log, either manually or automatically. In the latest version of the plugin, you can also filter the logs with errors.

Wipe All Data Once The WooCommerce Salesforce Integration Is Disconnected

If you have the feature for wiping data enabled in the Salesforce CRM Integration plugin, you will have all your data cleared once you disconnect your integration as shown below.

Associate WooCommerce Object Fields With Salesforce Modules

This feature helps you map WooCommerce object fields with your Salesforce CRM account’s modules using association rules. These association rules are called feeds.

Conditional Filter In Feeds

You can use conditional filters, including the “OR” and “AND” filters when customizing feeds to sync data at your convenience.

Compatibility With Subscription 

The merchants can now utilize subscriptions as an object, to map out and sync all the details related to the individual subscription product, be it the Subscription Name, ID, Parent ID, Status, Customer, Payment Method & Schedule, and all the other individual details can be synced.

Benefits of WooCommerce CRM Integration.

1. Filter in a Log Table

With Woo Salesforce Integration, you can add a filter in the log table to easily filter all the data of different feeds i.e. Account, Contact, Product2, PricebookEntry, Opportunity, Order, OrdeItem, and Subscription in the synced data.

2. Better Customer Management

The advanced features of WooCommerce Salesforce Integration help you manage your customers by tracking their orders and order items.

3. Fast Data Sync

Salesforce CRM Integration syncs data in real-time. The real-time data sync and historic data sync are key benefits of this plugin.

4. Real-Time Reporting

Syncs your WooCommerce data with Salesforce CRM in real-time and displays the records via sync logs.

5. Conditional Filtering

 You can now add conditional filters in the Salesforce WooCommerce feeds using the WooCommerce Salesforce connector plugin.

6. Intuitive Setup Process

The plugin offers an easy setup process to sync your website data with your Salesforce CRM account—the layout is interactive.


Visit Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce Documentation to learn more about the features and working of the plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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