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Litmos Integration


Leverage the e-commerce power of WooCommerce with the easy course creation and management of Litmos to sell your courses online.

Information & Requirements

  • Litmos Silver plan or above required
View documentation for more info →
A subscription enables access to the product, updates and support for one year from the date of purchase. Every site installation requires a subscription key.

Easily sell Litmos courses on your WooCommerce store

Leverage the eCommerce power of WooCommerce with the easy course creation and management of Litmos to sell your courses online, or give them away for free. Start using Litmos Integration with your WooCommerce store to sell access to your Litmos courses and automatically link your store to your course content. Or hey, give away those courses for free if you really want. This extension will do all the heavy lifting for you.

When a customer purchases the course in your store, a Litmos account is automatically created for them and the purchased course is assigned to them. The customer then receives an email from Litmos with their course information and login information, along with a link to sign in directly to their course. You’ll also receive a notification email to help you keep track of your growing online training business.

WooCommerce Litmos Integration My Courses
Show your customers their purchased courses along with a single sign on to Litmos from their My Account page

Powered by Litmos

This extension is designed to work with Litmos, the world’s friendliest learning management system, SCORM certified and completely web-based. You’ll need to sign up for a free 14 day trial if you don’t already have one. Important: This extension only works with Litmos Silver plans and above, as lower plans do not have API access.

WooCommerce Litmos Admin Settings
Customize how accounts are created for customers in Litmos

Powerful Online Course Shop Features

  • Automatically create Litmos accounts for customers and assign them to their purchased course
  • Easily match your WooCommerce products with the associated Litmos course via a drop-down on the ‘Edit Product’ page
  • Allow your customers to see their course progress and sign directly into Litmos from their My Account page
  • Reset course results for customers when they purchase the same course again — especially helpful when selling low-cost practice exams.
WooCommerce Litmos Link Products to Courses
Easily match your WooCommerce Products to your Litmos Courses

How to Get Started

  1. Purchase and Download this extension
  2. Upload and Install, then enter your Litmos API Key (sign up if you don’t have a Litmos account)
  3. Match your products within WooCommerce to the correct Litmos courses
  4. That’s it! Site back and enjoy sharing your knowledge with the world!

Read the full documentation to learn how to setup your Litmos-enabled products and configure the account creation process.

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