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Lower Price or Best Price Guarantee for WooCommerce

Offer your users a lower price guarantee by giving a coupon to match the lower price for the same products they found on other sites.

Build trust with your users by offering a lower price guarantee, which will ensure your users are loyal and can provide higher lifetime value.

Benefits of having a Lower Price Notification System in Your WooCommerce Shop

1. Minimum Price Guarantee

Having a Lower Price notification system in your site will show your users that your site is offering the lowest price possible. This in turn, can bring more sales.

2. Notification from your customers

Your customers can easily let you know what price is being offered for the products sold on your shop by other sites and shops. This, in turn, can help you price your products more competitively.

3. Increases Trust and Loyalty

You can increase your customer’s Trust and Loyalty by providing them with a coupon to match the reported price which is offered on other sites or shops.

How Lower Price for WooCommerce Works?

  • A link to the Lower Price notifier form will be visible on all the product pages.

  • The user can report the lower price by clicking the link.

  • The submitted requests can be viewed from the “Price List” section in the my account page.

  • The site admin will be notified by email and the submitted requests can be managed from a separate dashboard.
  • Based on the configuration, the user will receive a coupon if the admin decides to send a coupon. The coupon can be used to get a discount for the product.

Features Offered

1. Modes of Operation

The following Modes of Operation are supported:

i) Feedback Mode

In this mode, your users can only notify about a lower price for a product. They cannot get any reward for notifying.

ii) Send Coupon Mode

In this mode, your users can get rewarded with a coupon code for notifying about a lower price and they have to manually apply the coupon code to get a discount.

iii) Auto Apply Coupon Mode

In this mode, your users can get rewarded with a coupon code for notifying about a lower price. The product will be automatically added to the cart along with the coupon code when a user clicks the link given in the email.

2. Dashboard for Both Admin and Customer

Separate dashboard for both admin and customers where they can manage the lowest price notified products.

3. Validity for Coupons

You can set the validity for coupons in days. If they fail to use the coupon within the allotted days, then it will expire.

4. Email Notification

Both the site admin and users will be notified by email when a user notifies a lower price request and the submitted request gets updated by the site admin.

5. Restriction

You can restrict your customers to notify lower price once per product and X number of times per user.


Minimum WooCommerce version: 3.0.0
Minimum WordPress version: 4.6
Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Lower Price for WooCommerce can help you to offer the most competitive prices for your products to your customers.

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