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Mautic Integration for WooCommerce

Mautic Integration for WooCommerce integrates your WooCommerce store with open-source marketing automation software.


Mautic Integration for WooCommerce connects your WooCommerce store with Mautic. Once integrated, the plugin sends your customer data to Mautic in real time. You can create highly effective marketing campaigns with pre-defined customer segments, target your customers, increase sales, and avoid abandoned carts.

With Mautic Integration for WooCommerce plugin by WP Swings, you can:

  • Customer segmentation with RFM analysis
  • Email personalization and automation
  • Fewer abandoned carts and more conversions
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Compatibility with Events Tickets Manager for WooCommerce
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS

This Mautic plugin lets you sync and manage your WooCommerce data such as customers and their orders via Mautic CRM.


1. Integrate CF7 With Mautic 

With Mautic Integration for WooCommerce, you can send all your contact form 7 submission data to Mautic according to the field mappings.

  • Data sync: Sync all your CF7 form data over Mautic.
  • Associate form fields with Mautic: You can create contact forms and associate form fields with Mautic. You can effortlessly sync form submissions/entries data over your Mautic account.
  • Filter CF7 submissions as per Feeds: You can filter the contact form 7 submissions based on user input using AND/OR logic. This logic will filter contact form submissions and send them to Mautic depending on user inputs.
  • Comprehensive log: The Mautic Integration for WooCommerce plugin will provide a detailed log of each contact form 7 entry sent to Mautic. Integrate your contact form 7 with Mautic which comes with logging off all the API interactions with Mautic for better error handling.
  • Delete plugin data on uninstall: This plugin allows you to delete a huge amount of data stored in the database whenever you uninstall it.
  • Receive error email notification: Mautic Integration for WooCommerce sends an email notification if any input error occurs in the process of data or sending entries over Mautic. You will be notified whenever any minor error occurs.
  • Mautic custom values: You can opt for custom values from the field type for field mapping of the feed. Then, your value will sync. Also, you can name the custom value and select the CF7 field per your requirement.

2. Syncs Data in Real-Time

Sync the data of your users to Mautic in real-time or every 5 minutes. If you choose the “Instant Sync” option, then as soon as users register on your site, Mautic Integration for Woo will start syncing their data whenever an activity like a change-in-order status takes place. If you choose the “Every 5 Minutes” option, the cron will run every 5 minutes and will sync the data.

sync method

3. Abandoned Carts

a. Offer Coupon Codes for Abandoned Carts

Entice your customers and guest users with abandoned carts. So that they can complete their purchases by offering a discount or free shipping using the Abandoned Cart Coupon Code feature of Mautic Integration for WooCommerce.

coupon for abandoned cart

b. Current Abandoned Carts

The admin can view all their abandoned cart data such as Cart Email, Cart Total, and User Type in the Current Abandoned Carts section.

c. Abandoned Cart Settings:

You can change all your abandoned cart settings in this tab such as abandoned cart syncing, cart timer, delete data, delete coupons, etc.

4. Creates 50+ Best Practice Mautic Custom Fields

Mautic Integration for Woo plugin creates over 43 predefined custom fields to capture contact information based on the nature of your business. These custom fields help you in segmenting customers so that you can create high-converting marketing campaigns.

custom fields

5. Segments WooCommerce Customers With Predefined Segments

Mautic Integration for WooCommerce plugin helps you organize your contacts by dividing them into different segments. You can create several segments in Mautic based on the custom field data that the plugin provides and create campaigns accordingly.


6. Syncs WP and Mautic fields

Mautic Integration for WooCommerce enables you to perform synchronization of your WordPress user’s field to your Mautic account. You can create a custom field on Mautic and map it with existing users’ meta fields.

custom fields

7. Customize RFM Scoring

Assign scores to your customers according to their behavior such as buying frequency, the number of products they bought, and the monetary value they spent on a scale of 1 to 5.

RFM settings

8. Syncs With One Click

With the one-click option, you can sync Mautic with all your historical customer data gathered before you installed the plugin.

one-click sync

9. Dynamic Segmentation

You can add tags according to your preferences such as adding tags to your contacts based on user roles, products bought, product attributes, SKUs bought, etc. Similarly, you can add tags based on products, product attributes, SKUs, product categories, and much more.

dynamic segmentation

10. Tracking Script

You will be able to inject your tracking script either in Header or Footer depending upon your choice.

site tracking

11. Mautic Forms

You will be able to use Mautic forms on your website. For this, list Mautic forms with shortcodes in your plugin settings. By using these shortcodes on your website, you can render particular forms on your website. The entire data will be sent to Mautic when the form is submitted.

mautic forms

12. Create Targeted Campaigns to Increase Your Sales

You can build several personalized and effective automated campaigns through Mautic Woo to target your customers. These marketing campaigns let you take different actions for different conditions.


1. Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription:

The WooCommerce Mautic Integration is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. As you activate the subscription plugin, 11 custom fields are automatically created in the Mautic Custom fields section, allowing you to sync the WooCommerce subscription order data over to the Mautic CRM. 

woocommerce subscription order data

You can effortlessly sync data regarding Subscription Order Number, Status, Order Creation Date, Billing Period, and more. It creates the most efficient way to manage your subscription order data. 

2. Compatibility with the Events Tickets Manager Plugin:

The Mautic Integration for WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with the Events Tickets Manager Pro plugin by WP Swings. This compatibility offers a comprehensive solution for managing your WooCommerce store and events.

mautic woocommerce events

Events Tickets Manager Pro simplifies event ticket personalization, layout creation, and product category addition. It enables swift event creation, customer notifications, and seamless ticket delivery via email. The data inputs are taken from the events plugin and then synced to Mautic.

events data in mautic

With this compatibility, custom fields like last name, price, venue, start/end date, time and form details as well can be smoothly synced. Enhancing your Woocommerce store’s event management capabilities.

3. Compatible With WooCommerce HPOS:

High-performance order Storage (HPOS), formerly known as “Custom Order Tables,” offers a robust database structure tailored for eCommerce requirements. The WooCommerce Mautic Integration works smoothly with HPOS, ensuring a cohesive synchronization of your WooCommerce store and Mautic’s marketing automation features to process orders efficiently during high surge in order placements.


  • Abandoned cart coupon codes:  Entice customers with abandoned carts to complete their purchases by offering a discount or free shipping to them as well as to guest users.
  • Creates 70+ best practice Mautic custom fields: Select the required custom fields from the 70+ variants manually to capture your customer’s data and order information in Mautic custom fields.
  • Sync WooCommerce data via Mautic automatically:  The most real-time data syncing between WooCommerce and Mautic CRM. Sync your data, orders, and subscription information in one click.
  • Segment WooCommerce customers with predefined segments: Create 19 predefined Mautic segments to sort your customers based on their WooCommerce properties.
  • Create targeted and converting campaigns: Create highly adaptive and converting campaigns based on your customer’s information.


Visit Mautic Integration for WooCommerce to learn more about the features and working of the plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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