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Partial COD for WooCommerce

Use Partial COD for WooCommerce as a COD authentication tool to secure your store against common cash-on-delivery issues.


Partial COD for WooCommerce plugin allows you to charge users a partial amount on cash-on-delivery orders for building authentic order confirmation. It ensures genuine COD order placements and adds only real customers to the WooCommerce store. The admin can set fixed or percentage Partial Payment Types and also obtain complete details about all COD Orders.

Why Should You Use Partial COD for WooCommerce?

Cash on delivery is one of the most preferred payment methods for online shoppers, but it comes with some serious risks. First, the average payment cycle of COD orders can range from 2 to 5 weeks or more. During that whole period, you have to keep investing from your end to sustain your business. Second, the losses sustained during the COD order fulfillment are huge due to fraud, fake orders, and thefts.

This happens because cash-on-delivery is by design an exploitable payment method. There is a clear lack of strong order authentication methods for COD orders. And even if the order is genuine, there is still a financial burden to carry in case the order is canceled or returned by the customer. If these issues are left unchecked, they can slow down your business and destroy your brand’s reputation.


1. Set Deposit Type for Partial Payment

You can set a deposit type as a fixed rate or as a percentage of the cart total.

2. Set the Global Partial Payment Amount

Implement a common partial payment on all COD orders irrespective of the cost and category of the ordered product.

3. Set Maximum and Minimum Amount for Partial Payment

Set the maximum and minimum cart subtotal amount on which you want to allow Partial COD. Customers will only be required to pay the partial amount if their cart subtotal is between the minimum and maximum limit.

maximum and minimum amount

4. Allow Partial Payment Using Coupons and Set Maximum Coupon Value

Allow customers to use coupon codes to pay the partial amount while placing COD orders and also set a maximum amount limit on coupon value that customers can apply for partial payment.

partial payment using coupons

5. Set User Roles for COD Orders

You can select which user roles are required to pay the partial deposit amount on their COD orders. There are seven predefined user roles to choose from: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, and Shop Manager. By default, all users have to pay the partial amount.

select user role for cod orders

6. Customize the WooCommerce Partial COD Page Strings

You can tailor the certain strings of the following partial COD pages according to your preference: Checkout / Thank you / View order page in my account / WooCommerce order page and WooCommerce order edit.

7. Extra Fee For Partial COD

Charge an extra fee on partial COD payments as fixed or percentage type. The extra fee will be charged on the total cart value.

extra fee on cod order

8. Allow Tax-Wise Partial Payment Method

You can enable the tax-wise partial payment to collect the tax amount as the partial deposit for COD orders.

tax wise partial payment

9. Category-Wise Price Distribution

Set partial payments according to the available product category, including the uncategorized category. Also, you can select the Partial Payment Type (fixed/percentage) and Price Value.

category wise partial payment

Note: If the cart value is less than that defined partial amount, the cash on delivery option should be disabled for that order except partial category-wise.

10. Set Shipping-Wise Partial Payment

You can change the shipping amount as partial payment for COD orders.

shipping wise partial payment

11. Allow Product-Wise Partial COD Payment

Set partial COD payment for every product individually from the product edit tab. You can also determine the payment types and price value for them.

product wise partial payment

12. Allow Order-Wise Partial Payment

Charge the partial payment amount according to the total order size and value irrespective of purchased products or applied categories.

order wise partial payment

13. Supports Popular Payment Gateways

Include popular payment gateways Razorpay, PayPal, PayU, and Paytm as payment options for partial payments.

14. Craft a Message for Customers

You can set a message of your choice and display it to your customers when they place orders through COD on the checkout page.

partial deposit message

15. Customer’s Choice

Partial COD for WooCommerce enables the admin to give customers access to Partial COD or not. The customers will have a choice to accept or reject the Partial COD when they place an order with the Cash on Delivery payment method.

customer choice for Partial cod

16. Order emails

On placing an order the admin will get an email that their order is received. The email will include all the details such as Total Amount, Partial Paid Amount, and the Remaining Amount

order email

17. Order Status email

The customer will regularly receive the order status emails whether their order is On Hold, Processed, or Delivered.

current order status

18. Order Actions

The new field will be shown for the Remaining Amount. There are three options available for order status: email Invoice, Resend New Order Notification, and Regenerate Download Permissions. Such as the customer will get an email invoice:

order invoice

19. Disable Partial COD

In Partial COD for WooCommerce, admins can disable Partial COD by entering the Postal Code or Specific Zip Code. It will not matter whether the client is using global partial COD, deposit type, category-wise, or any other kind of Partial COD. The Partial COD will be disabled for that Postal Code or Specific Zip Code.

Make sure to use (,) while entering the Postal Codes.

disable partial COD

Partial COD Plugin Compatibilities

1. Compatibility With Packing Slips and Invoice

With each order, an invoice will be sent by email to either the admin or the customer.


packing slip

2. Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Partial COD for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce and provides a better user experience to your customers by implementing the currency with which your users are comfortable.

3. Compatibility with WooCommerce HPOS

Woo Partial COD is fully compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) which is an easy-to-understand solid database structure that allows you to store order data in custom order tables to ensure the smooth workflow of your WooCommerce store during festive seasons when order volume is high.


Partial COD for WooCommerce by WP Swings is designed to prevent the creation of fake COD orders. With our COD plugin, you can:

  • Authenticate COD Orders: Charge customers a partial amount at the time of purchase to build authentic order confirmation.
  • Improve Security: Restrict the fake cash on delivery order placement and thus make the store more secure.
  • Flexible Partial Payment Methods: Customers can redeem coupon codes to pay the partial COD amount.
  • Supports Popular Payment Gateways: This Woo Payments Plugin supports payment gateways such as RazorPay, Paytm, PayU, and PayPal and increases the options for WooCommerce deposits partial payments.
  • Reduce Financial Loss: The Woo partial payments lower the financial burden of providing shipping services for COD orders.

For More Information:

Visit the Partial COD For WooCommerce Documentation to learn more about the features and working of the plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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