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PencePay Payment Gateway

PencePay is an international payment processor, which provides online payment solutions for merchants in many different industries. PencePay are focused primarily on the Emerging Markets but also accept merchants from highly developed markets of European Union.

Being more than 7 years in e-payments business, PencePay have created a set of technical and usability features unparalleled by other service providers and a payment gateway API that is secure, flexible and customer friendly. PencePay has a special business relationships with large industry players that allows them to be recognized in a positive way on the market.

PencePay Checkout Option

The PencePay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce will enable you as a merchant to install and quickly integrate your WooCommerce store with PencePay. The plugin works out of the box with small number of additional configuration steps to insure a quick and easy integration. All you need to do is fill-in your API username, password and choose your payment page language.

PencePay Admin Settings

During the payment process you customer will be redirected to a secure PencePay payment page, where they will make a payment. After the payments is complete your customers will be redirected back to your merchant store and presented with a Thank you/Receipt page.

No SSL needed, the payment process uses security hashing to transfer the data and the payment itself is made on a secure PencePay page.

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