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Update price and stock data in your store with a simple CSV spreadsheet in just 3 easy steps

Price and Stock Import was designed specifically for price and stock data management – the data which needs to be updated in bulk regularly. The extension relieves you of the headaches of complicated spreadsheets filled with tons of other data you don’t understand.

Manage the prices and stock in your WooCommerce store with ease with Price and Stock Import. You can export existing your price and stock data in a easy to understand CSV spreadsheet, make your changes and import it back in easily, you can even review your changes using the import test tool. That’s all there is to it!

Read on to find out why you should use Price and Stock Import and the great features included…

Chris, an eCommerce store owner said:
“I have been using this extension weekly for over 2 years and it is the best tool i’ve found for updating price and stock data in bulk with no hassle 🙂”

Why use Price and Stock Import?

  • Makes bulk price and stock data changes as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Easy to understand CSV spreadsheet with price and stock columns
  • Review your CSV spreadsheet data before importing with the import test tool
  • Allows bulk updates of both regular and sale prices
  • Product ID or SKU mode to map spreadsheet rows to existing products
  • Progress of import is displayed in percentage, rows processed and rows remaining
  • Browser tab shows progress during import so you can work in another tab while keeping an eye on progress
  • Works with the WooCommerce Subscriptions product types

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For technical details view the documentation.


Includes these great features…


To get started click the export button, this downloads a simple CSV to your computer where you edit the stock and price columns in your spreadsheet software.


Once you have made changes to the price and stock data in the exported CSV and have saved it simply select the file from your computer and click the import button.

Import test

It is recommended you review your data changes before import using the handy import test tool to look at the data and once happy you can import it.

Import progress

While importing you can see the percentage progress, number of rows processed and remaining, this is information is also shown in the browser tab.

Product ID/SKU mode

The data in the CSV imported is matched by the product ID or SKU, you can choose either mode depending on how you reference products.

WooCommerce Subscriptions compatibility

Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions product types to allow you to update subscription product price and stock data in bulk effortlessly.


See the extension in action…

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Frequently asked questions and answers…

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For technical details view the documentation.

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Example usage

Emma manages a WooCommerce store selling car accessories, she places orders with a wholesaler for products each week and sometimes the wholesaler has changed the product prices. Each week she needs to update the price and stock levels in her store accordingly. With Price and Stock Import she can quickly export a spreadsheet of the price and stock data for every product and variation in her store and edit the values quickly in a spreadsheet, once done she resaves the exported file and imports it back in, all the products within the website are easily updated to the new price and stock data.


  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0.0
  • Minimum WordPress version: 5.0.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce version: 4.0.0

Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website.

Getting started

Please note that is recommended you connect your store to your WooCommerce.com account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

About the developer

We are 99w, we have extensive experience in WooCommerce development. All our extensions are coded to WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards as defined by WooCommerce for third party extensions to adhere to. Every release is automatically checked to conform to these coding standards before deployment for your piece of mind. You can find out more about us and the other WooCommerce extensions we have developed using the button below.

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