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Add Badges to Product Images Across Your Store in a Few Clicks

Choose from 140+ pre-made badges, upload your own, use a countdown badge, create a text badge or use custom code

Product badges can enhance a customer’s understanding of a product’s main selling points, highlight promotions and products with limited-time offers, improve CTR, and many more sales-boosting benefits. We’ve included a lot of great pre-made product badges to select at the click of a button.

Badges can be added to all products, sale-only products, non-sale products, out of stock products, on backorder products, featured products, specific products, or products in a specific category.

Features & Benefits

  • Select from 140+ pre-made product badges, including badges for Availability, Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Easter, Father’s Day, General, Halloween, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s
  • Upload your own custom product badge
  • Create a countdown badge with your own text prefix and/or suffix
  • Create your own text-based badge with various styling options
  • Use code to create a custom badge
  • Add unlimited product badges
  • Add multiple badges to the same product
  • All pre-made badges are in SVG format including transparency, low file sizes, and can be resized to any size
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage all your badges with ability to search badges and sort badges
  • Choose to display badges on product pages, anywhere products appear in the loop (e.g. shop, category, related products, WooCommerce product blocks) or both
  • Add product badges to all products, sale-only products, non-sale products, out of stock products, on backorder products, featured products, specific products, or products in a specific category
  • Set priorities on badge display
  • Compatibility mode if you have display issues due to your theme, other plugins/extensions or custom development

Pre-made Product Badges

Choose from our 140+ pre-made product badges. Here are some examples of the included badges:

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Use a Custom Product Badge

Want to upload your own custom product badge? Use the custom image uploader:

Create Countdown Badges

Want a badge to show a countdown to a specific date/time? Use a countdown badge to set the countdown date/time, text and various styling options:

Create Text Badges

Want to create a badge using your own text? Use a text badge to set the text to display and various styling options:

Create Custom Code Badge

Don’t forget you can create your entirely custom badge using the code option and add your own HTML/CSS code.

Manage Your Badges in the Dashboard

The product badges dashboard allows you to create unlimited product badges and to choose various badge and display options:

Why Use Product Badges?

Product Badges allows store owners to focus a customer’s attention on products they want to boost. Product Badges gives you an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all product badges within your store. If you need to quickly promote a specific set of products, you can do this with the click of a button. With our pre-made badges, you don’t need to spend hours creating the perfect badge with graphic software — the hard work has already been done for you, with ready-to-use, high quality badges.

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