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With Product Designer for WooCommerce, your users can design and customize a product to fit their needs, which will drive customer satisfaction and additional revenue growth on your site.


1. Improves Customer Experience

Offering the flexibility of designing the products to customers can make them feel that they are buying a personalized product. This improves the overall customer experience.

2. Drives Additional Revenue to the Site

When a customer buys a customized product, they can be charged for using elements such as images, texts, clip art, and more. This can serve as additional revenue to the site.

3. Attracts New Customers

Customers who have benefited from the Product Designer are likely to refer new users to your site.

How Does Product Designer for WooCommerce Work?

* The Customize Product button will be visible on the Single Product page.

Customize Product Button on Single Product Page

* When the user clicks on the Customize Product button, they will be redirected to the Product Designer page.


Designer Page

* On this page, the user can add the following elements and design their product:

  • Images
  • Clip art
  • Text
  • Shapes

* Users can save their designs in their account by clicking the Save Design button.


Save Design

* Once the user has completed designing the product, they can add it to the cart and complete the purchase.
* Once the purchase is completed, a link to download the design will be available for the user on the Thank You page and My Account page.

Download Design Link on Thank You Page

Download Design Link on My Account Page

Features Offered

1. Ready-to-Use Product Bases

There are 16 ready-to-use product bases bundled with the plugin.

2. Edit Zone Can Be Customized

You can customize the edit zone for each product base.

3. Designs Can Be Saved

Logged-in users can save their designs to their account and can retrieve and purchase the products at a later date.

4. Multiple Product Attributes

You can add product attributes such as product color, size, gift wrap message, etc. using the following fields:

  • Product Color
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Single Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radiobox

5. Individual Component Pricing

You can individually add pricing for the following:

  • Images
  • Clip art
  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Templates
  • Product Attributes

6. Print-Ready Files

All output files are of print-ready quality at 300DPI.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Product Designer for WooCommerce can help your users design their own products and purchase them in your shop.

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