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Product Price Before and After Text

by  99w
Add text before and/or after product prices throughout your store.

Easily add text before or after product prices in your store

Sometimes displaying a product price alone isn’t enough, with Product Price Before and After Text you can easily add any text before and/or after your product prices to prompt customers to make a purchase or to make your pricing more understandable, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Want to display some text after a price such as “$5.00 per m²” to product prices? Maybe you want to add some text before the price such as “Now only $5.00”. With this extension you can add this text when editing a product or category. More examples include “$5.00 per unit”, “On sale for $5.00”, “Only $5.00 per pack”, etc.

Read on to find out why you should use Product Price Before and After Text and the great features included…

Ali, an eCommerce store owner said:
“A really great little extension that allows me to add per bottle, pack, bag, etc suffixes to my grocery product pricing. 👍”


  • Improve product pricing by adding text before or after product prices
  • Add text at individual product or product category level
  • Highlight unit cost, offers, etc to give your customers the information they need to make a purchase
  • Just 2 fields to populate as required on individual products or at product category level
  • Appears in most places prices are shown e.g. category, search and product pages
  • Text has unique classes for custom CSS styling
  • Text can be imported/exported to products
  • Works with most product types

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Get these great features for your store…

Before and after price text

Once you have populated your before and after price text data it will appear in most places prices are shown in your store e.g. product, category and search pages.

Set on individual products

You can set before and after price text when adding or editing individual products in your store, allowing you to manage product specific before and after price text.

Set on product categories

If products in specific categories require the same before and after price text you can apply it at product category level, if individual products have before and after price text set they will override it.

Import and export

For fast data entry you can use the standard WooCommerce product import and export tool to manage before and after price text in bulk without wasting time manually editing the product.


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Example usage

Charles manages a WooCommerce store selling wholesale energy drinks, these drinks are sold in cases but not all cases have the same amount of bottles. Charles can can add text after each price so the customer knows how many bottles are included for the price, e.g. $24.99 per case of 24. This means customers can review this important pricing information consistently throughout his store.

More information

  • Read documentation for an overview of the settings, options, frequently asked questions and more
  • Contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help

Getting started

*Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website. It is also recommended you connect your store to your WooCommerce account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

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