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Product Price Before & After Text

Getting Started ↑ Back to top

  1. Install the extension
  2. Edit one of your products
  3. Under the Product Data section click the Advanced tab
  4. Use the Before Price Text and After Price Text fields
  5. Save the product
  6. View the product in your store and you’ll see the price text
  7. To assign at category level add/edit a product category
  8. Use the Before Price Text and After Price Text fields

Instructions ↑ Back to top

You’ll find a Before Price Text and After Price Text field in the Product Data > Advanced section when editing a product, simply fill in one or both of these fields and save the product. Now your product will display the text entered on the product page and product archive pages (such as product categories).

If you don’t want to apply before/after price text to all products within a specific category simply add/edit a product category in WooCommerce, you’ll see the same fields, if you use those fields then all products within that category will be assigned your before/after price text.

Remember that before/after price text set at product level takes priority over the category level text.

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