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Advanced Shipping Packages


  • Advanced Shipping Packages

    Advanced Shipping Packages allows you to split your cart up into separate shipping packages. Each of these packages is shown separately in the cart and checkout pages and the products that are inside. Each shipping package gets its own shipping rate based on your setup. Using conditional logic, you can create the packages when you want […]

  • How to create a fallback package

    A ‘fallback’ or ‘default’ package is not always needed, but can be useful in a scenario where you’d like to exclude a certain shipping method from the default package. The fallback package as described here will match all remaining products that are not put in other packages that are created before this one. Setting up […]

  • How to setup partial free shipping

    This document will explain how you can setup a scenario where only a part of the order receives free shipping. For example when giving a product for free when purchasing another, or simply allowing to ship a portion of the order free when ordering other items. This setup also works great when using live shipping […]

  • WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages – Conditions

    Advanced Shipping Packages is flexible to set up with its conditional logic framework. Below are conditions and how they work. Subtotal Compares against the cart subtotal. This is the total from all items in the cart, excluding fees or shipping cost. Quantity The matched value is based on the number of items in the cart. This includes […]

  • Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers

    If your business involves customers shipping things to your office or warehouse regularly, the shipping cost and logistics of the process might confuse and overwhelm them. This Shipping Calculator plugin helps to set up an easy to access platform for your customers to calculate the shipping rates based on product weight and dimensions, as well […]