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WooCommerce Square


  • WooCommerce Square: Startup Guide

    Welcome to the documentation for the WooCommerce Square extension. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about managing your products, inventory, and taking payments on your WooCommerce site via Square. This guide covers the essentials from setup, managing inventory sync, to secure payment processing, ensuring you have all the tools and information at your […]

  • Setup and Configuration of the WooCommerce Square Extension

    WooCommerce Square offers SAQ-A PCI-compliant payment integration, including 3D Secure verification, and synchronized product inventory, enabling secure online sales across multiple channels. This documentation will walk you through the process of integrating and configuring the WooCommerce Square Extension seamlessly with your online store. It provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and best practices to ensure a smooth […]

  • WooCommerce Square: Payment Settings

    The WooCommerce Square extension is designed to bridge the gap between your WooCommerce store and Square. The extension serves a dual purpose, functioning seamlessly as both a product inventory sync and a payment gateway for receiving payments from customers. You have the flexibility to use either feature independently or both. The extension offers SAQ-A PCI-compliant […]

  • Testing the WooCommerce Square Extension in Sandbox Mode

    WooCommerce Square sandbox mode lets you test the extension’s configurations without any real financial transactions happening so that you can make sure everything works correctly before you start selling. Enabling Sandbox Mode Accessing the Square Developer Dashboard Creating a New Application Generating Sandbox Credentials Testing Payments in Sandbox Mode Notes on Payment Testing Transitioning to […]

  • Administrator experience with the WooCommerce Square Extension

    After the WooCommerce Square Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site. This document will guide you through key aspects of managing your orders using the WooCommerce Square Extension, including issuing refunds and understanding the details added to your orders. Handling Orders The WooCommerce […]

  • What is the checkout experience like with WooCommerce Square payment gateway?

    WooCommerce is powerful and allows you to customize your customer’s experience from beginning to end. With the Square payment gateway, you have a couple of options available to you to help ensure that you are meeting your customers needs and increasing conversions. The main difference is whether or not the new checkout experience is currently enabled. Accepted […]

  • Can I use WooCommerce Square to collect recurring payments?

    The Square WooCommerce Extension allows merchants to collect recurring payments in the future as long as the below requirements are met: Known limitations with recurring payments using WooCommerce Square

  • Does WooCommerce Square Extension modify order statuses?

    The WooCommerce plugin has different order statuses that can be applied to an order to indicate where it is at in its life cycle. These statuses can be changed manually, but the WooCommerce Square extension will also apply some of these statuses to an order automatically based on information from the Square servers. The most […]

  • How do I Refund Orders paid via WooCommerce Square?

    Refund WooCommerce Square Paid Order The Square WooCommerce Extension allows refunds inside WooCommerce. Please see more info on our WooCommerce Refunds documentation page on processing refunds. When a refund is issued, it will typically take 5–10 business days for it to be reflected on your customer’s bank statement. If the refund occurs very soon after the payment […]

  • What information does the WooCommerce Square add to my orders?

    When an order is placed on your WooCommerce site and the Square WooCommerce Extension is used to process that payment, that order will include Square identification numbers to help you identify this specific payment in your Square dashboard. WooCommerce Square Order Details Square WooCommerce Extension allows you to pay an order with either a Card, […]