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Facebook for WooCommerce


  • Facebook for WooCommerce

    Please note that Facebook for WooCommerce is currently not compatible with Checkout on Facebook & Instagram. Following Meta’s announcement to discontinue ‘Checkout on another website’ support for US merchants and only allow ‘Checkout on Facebook & Instagram’ within this region, the plugin cannot be utilized by US merchants to create Facebook/Instagram Shops until further notice. […]

  • Facebook for WooCommerce: Delete or Reset all Facebook Products

    Delete All Products Occasionally deleting all products from the Facebook catalog and then letting things sync again is the only way to fix strange issues. The following code snippet can be used to delete all products in bulk: This snippet is designed to continue running even if it encounters a timeout by doing batches of […]

  • Facebook for WooCommerce: How to re-connect

    How do I re-connect the plugin to my shop’s Facebook page? A frequent troubleshooting step when encountering issues with product sync or the connection, in general, will be to re-connect the plugin to Facebook. You can do so with the following steps: Questions & Support Have a question before you buy or already purchased and […]

  • Facebook for WooCommerce: Products are not displaying in Facebook shop

    Overview WooCommerce Products will sync to the Facebook Shop depending on certain criteria. If a product isn’t displaying in the Facebook Shop or is missing somehow, have a read-through of these three common scenarios that will cause this. Two Catalogs Cause of two Catalogs not showing A common cause of this issue is when the […]

  • Facebook for WooCommerce: Uninstall Plugin and Remove WooCommerce Facebook App

    How do I remove the plugin, WooCommerce Facebook app, and created system users? When clicking on the Disconnect link in the Facebook WooCommerce dashboard, here’s what happens: To remove the app from Facebook and system users: Be sure to visit these settings as your personal profile, not as your page. Switch back to your profile […]

  • Shopping on Instagram and WooCommerce

    Shopping on Instagram allows you to market and sell products using the Instagram mobile app and is available to all WooCommerce store owners who meet Shopping on Instagram requirements. Many shoppers are visual, and this gives them a channel to engage, explore, and buy. Requirements WooCommerce store with physical products Instagram app for iOS or […]

  • Troubleshooting “Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook!” connection errors with the Facebook for WooCommerce extension

    Overview Troubleshooting Facebook for WooCommerce connection errors can be helped by some of the guidance in this documentation page when focusing on the Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook! error message. For detailed possible causes, see the Error explanations section below, such as the two possible causes of the the common Something went wrong […]