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Administrator Experience


  • Administrator experience with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    After the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site. If you’d like to learn how to handle certain important aspects of managing your orders with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension — like issuing refunds and what details are added to your orders […]

  • Authorize and Capture Guide

    Card transactions occur very quickly, which is what makes them so convenient for day-to-day purchases. In fact, they happen so fast that many people don’t realize that there are actually two events taking place: an authorization and a capture. By default, the Stripe WooCommerce Extension will perform the authorization and capture at the same time. […]

  • Can I use Stripe Billing to handle recurring payments?

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension does not interface with the Stripe Billing feature offered by Stripe. Instead, it is designed to handle subscriptions and subscription renewal payments by: With Stripe Billing, handling recurring payments requires: How are recurring payments handled in my Stripe dashboard? You will not see subscriptions paid for via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension in your […]

  • Does the Stripe WooCommerce Extension modify my order statuses?

    The core WooCommerce plugin has different order statuses that can be applied to an order to indicate where it is at in its life cycle. These statuses can be changed manually, but the Stripe WooCommerce Extension will also apply some of these statuses to an order automatically based on information from the Stripe servers — […]

  • How do I refund orders?

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension allows refunds inside WooCommerce. Please see our WooCommerce Refunds documentation page for more information. Can I refund authorized payments that have not been captured? When using authorize and capture, refunding an authorized order that has not yet been captured will: If you need to partially refund the order then capture it first by […]

  • New Checkout Experience Guide

    The new checkout experience is an early access option available in the Stripe WooCommerce Extension. It will soon become standard, but until then, merchants can enable it and offer a different way of displaying payment method options to their customers. This guide will let you know how to enable it and what sorts of changes […]

  • What information does the Stripe WooCommerce Extension add to my orders?

    When an order is placed on your WooCommerce site and the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is used to process that payment, that order will include some Stripe identification numbers to help you identify this specific payment in your Stripe dashboard. Stripe identification numbers Stripe assigns unique identification numbers to help identify what kind of information is […]