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Use Cases


  • Use Case: Create Configurable Products

    The most straightforward way to offer configurable products with WooCommerce is to use the Variable product type to create product variations. From an inventory perspective, a variable product is a practical way to simplify the management of many related SKUs that share the same configurable attributes. However, only a single SKU is used when a […]

  • Use Case: Create Step-by-Step Kit Builders

    Step-by-step kit builders make it easier for customers to configure complex configurable products by breaking the configuration process into smaller steps. In this guide you will learn how to create the Build Your Skateboard composite product, as seen in the Store Owner’s Guide. Plugins/Extensions Used WooCommerce WooCommerce Composite Products Storefront Configuration To configure the Build […]

  • Use Case: Meal Subscription Delivery Service

    Scenario We’re setting up a store for a lunch delivery service with a highly creative chef at the helm of a tiny but innovative kitchen. This project is focused on selling limited runs of different sets of meals every week and delivering them to the homes or workplaces of their customers — Monday to Friday. […]

  • Use Case: Sell in Bulk

    When selling products by the unit (volume, area, weight), it is fairly common to offer multiple retail and bulk packages. For example, foods and beverages are often available in retail packages and bulk packages. The Composite type provides a practical solution when there is a need to group multiple bulk packaging options of the same […]