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Use Cases


  • Add high-spending customers to a VIP MailPoet list

    Scenario You’re ready to use MailPoet and AutomateWoo to seamlessly identify and automatically enroll high-spending customers into a designated VIP MailPoet list. Through tailored triggers and rule sets, your valuable patrons can receive exclusive access to premium benefits, personalized discounts, and early product releases, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and value within your brand […]

  • Adding customers who purchase a certain product to a MailPoet list

    Scenario You’re ready to leverage MailPoet to automatically add customer email addresses upon specific product purchases. Using MailPoet’s segmentation features, alongside AutomateWoo’s personalized rule sets will foster a stronger connection to your store. Subscribers gain access to exclusive event notifications, discounts, and engaging newsletters, to help increase revenue for your shop. In this example, we […]

  • Use Case: Apply Updated Subscription Prices to Existing Subscribers

    Scenario You’ve set up your shop and are pleased with how well your weekly meal prep subscriptions are selling. Recently, you’ve noticed that the ingredients you used have increased in price, cutting into your profiles. You don’t want to offer inferior products or cut corners to lower cost and have decided to increase the price […]