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  • Customizing the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    While we strive to make the Stripe WooCommerce Extension easy to use, we also want to ensure that you have the resources you need to modify the extension so that it can meet the unique needs of your WooCommerce store and your customers. If you’re looking to customize the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, we’ve compiled common […]

  • How can I send product details to Stripe as metadata?

    When a customer places an order via the Stripe extension, you may want to send additional details to Stripe as metadata: To do this, you can leverage one (or both) of the following filters: Here’s an example snippet: Here’s how the metadata from that snippets appears in the Stripe dashboard:

  • How do I change which payment icons are used?

    When the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is installed on your site, it includes some assets to display payment icons. You can use the wc_stripe_payment_icons filter to use different icons than those included in the extension. For example, to replace the existing Visa icon asset with one hosted at https://example.com/images/visa.svg, you would use this snippet:

  • How do I translate the payment form placeholder text?

    When the payment form is loaded by the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, the fields will have placeholder text. These placeholders are automatically translated by Stripe. By default: If you are not using the new checkout experience, you can change this locale with the wc_stripe_elements_options filter. For example, to change the placeholder text to use the site locale, […]

  • What hooks and filters are available in the Stripe WooCommerce Extension?

    This section describes all hooks available to you if you need to manipulate how the Stripe WooCommerce Extension functions. Action Hooks Hook Name Hook Parameter(s) Hook Description wc_gateway_stripe_process_response $stripe_response$order The response we get back after calling a charge request to Stripe. woocommerce_credit_card_form_start $gateway_id Before showing the credit card form. woocommerce_credit_card_form_end $gateway_id After showing the credit […]