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How do I change which payment icons are used?

When the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is installed on your site, it includes some assets to display payment icons.

You can use the wc_stripe_payment_icons filter to use different icons than those included in the extension.

NOTE: We are unable to provide support for custom code under our Support Policy. If you need to customize a snippet further or extend its functionality, we highly recommend Codeable or a Certified WooExpert.

For example, to replace the existing Visa icon asset with one hosted at https://example.com/images/visa.svg, you would use this snippet:

add_filter( 'wc_stripe_payment_icons', 'change_my_icons' );
function change_my_icons( $icons ) {
        // var_dump( $icons ); to show all possible icons to change.
    $icons['visa'] = '<img src="https://example.com/images/visa.svg" />';
    return $icons;