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Developer Documentation


  • Custom Variables

    WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium WooCommerce extension. The following is for advanced users, and is provided as an example to help you get started. Actual implementation of these examples falls outside of the WooCommerce.com Support Policy. Out-of-the-box variables are documented here. Custom variables are possible using Follow-up Emails. There is also no need to edit the core […]

  • Follow-ups RESTful API

    A fully RESTful API to interact with, and schedule, emails and tweets from your own plugins or services. Please see the documentation on the API here. We have also created a sample PHP based API client:

  • Helpful Queries

    WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium extension. The following queries can be helpful. We recommend using these queries only if you know what you are doing. As always, backup your database before attempting any of these queries against it. Delete all Scheduled Emails for a specific email Find your database prefix Replace prefix with your prefix for […]