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  • Abandoned Cart

    One of AutomateWoo’s key features is sending out WooCommerce abandoned cart emails. It has a session tracking module that can detect a returning registered user even when they aren’t logged in and it can also track guest customers. When is a cart considered ‘abandoned’? When carts are tracked in AutomateWoo they can have two statuses, active or abandoned. A […]

  • Account

    Support and updates for AutomateWoo and add-ons are managed via a license with an annual subscription. You can view and modify your license/s and subscription/s via your Account page.

  • Actions

    Once you have chosen your trigger, the next step is to choose an action. For example, you may want to give a discount once a customer has spent over $100 in your store. Or maybe you want to update a custom field in MailChimp based on a customer’s shopping behaviour. Depending on the trigger you select, […]

  • Actions List

    Emails Send Email Send Email – Plain Text Send Email – Raw HTML Customers Change Customer Role Add/Update Customer Meta Add Tags to Customer Remove Tags from Customer Orders Change Order Status Add/Update Order Meta Add Note Resend Order Email Trigger Order Action Add/Update Customer Provided Note Order Items (requires one of the “Each Line […]

  • Adding buttons to workflow emails

    Changing the appearance of links offers many advantages. Changing a link into button can make emails appear more professional or help draw attention to a specific action customers can take. This article will outline how you can update the appearance of links in emails generated by AutomateWoo. The methods available are: using images, using CSS […]

  • Alert customers that their saved credit card is about to expire

    Use case This workflow will send an email to customers reminding them they have a card saved with your store that is about to expire. Workflow setup Create a new workflow. Select the Customer Before Saved Card Expiry trigger. Set the “Days before expiry” option to a length of time that suits. Click Add Action […]

  • Alert customers that their saved credit card is about to expire – include a coupon

    Use case This workflow will send an email with a personalized coupon to your customers who have a saved card with your store that is about to expire. Prerequisites A coupon: before we can construct the workflow, you will need to create a coupon to offer your customers. You can create personalized coupons for each […]

  • Asynchronous events

    AutomateWoo processes many triggers asynchronously by using asynchronous events. Such events are separated from the main event and slightly delayed. Prior to AutomateWoo 4.8, these async events would always be temporarily stored in the database and run in the background. This happened regardless of whether they were being used or not. AutomateWoo 4.8 introduces a […]

  • Asynchronous triggers

    AutomateWoo processes some triggers asynchronously which means they are separated from the main event and slightly delayed. The main reason for this is to speed up events such as the checkout process and to avoid timeout issues associated with complex processes such as subscription renewals. AutomateWoo 4.8 added the ability for async events to run […]

  • AutomateWoo

    AutomateWoo is a marketing automation plugin which integrates directly with your WooCommerce store. Using automated marketing campaigns and a unique set of tools, AutomateWoo streamlines the managing of your store while saving you time and effort! With so many online stores to choose from, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd and […]