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WooCommerce Product Search is an essential extension for every store powered by WooCommerce. The Search Engine provides the best Search Experience for you and your customers. It is also fully automated and very easy to set up and use. We will briefly review what is done automatically and which parts you might want to review upon first installing the extension.

The Search Engine and Automatic Indexing

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Once the extension is installed and activated, the Search Engine is automatically indexing your shop’s products. It is preparing your site to fully optimize all product search results and you do not need to do anything for this to happen. Depending on the amount of products in your store and the processing capabilities of your server, this process may take a few minutes or hours to complete. It is designed to provide search results immediately, even while the indexing process continues in the background. New and updated content is normally indexed within seconds.
If the percentage of completion indicated in the Index section does not increase from 0% after a while, or if it never reaches 100%, this might be due to a configuration conflict or issues caused by errors in other plugins. It might also be due to cron not running – make sure to review our Frequently Asked Questions as we provide several solutions that can be applied immediately. If you still need help, please submit a support ticket and we will gladly help you.

The Search Engine and Standard Product Search

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Control over front-end and back-end product searches

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Front-end and back-end searches are optimized and handled by the Search Engine to provide the best search experience by default. You can review and adjust these settings as outlined in the General section of this documentation.

Live Product Search

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The advanced Product Search Field will replace the standard product search field where possible. You can adjust the appearance and functionality for the field as described in the General section. Your theme may not be compatible with the automatic replacement, you can of course deploy the Product Search Field block.

Using Live Product Filters

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To make it very easy for your customers to find the right product, you can add live filters to your shop pages. The extension provides exclusive Blocks and Shortcodes for that purpose, which you can add and configure with just a few clicks.

Weights and Search Relevance

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Now you can use Weights to improve the relevance in product search results. Enable the use of Weights to improve the relevance in product search results, based on matches in product titles, descriptions, contents, categories, tags, attributes and their SKU. Weights can also be set for specific products and product categories. The option to use weights is not enabled by default but it is very simple to enable – please refer to the section on Weights for instructions.