Search Index

The indexing process starts automatically once the extension is activated. The Search Engine uses the index to power searches. In this section you can see its progress.


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The system reports the percentage of products that are indexed. It also shows how many products have been indexed and how many are left to be processed. The next processing cycle is indicated, showing the date and time when it will next be run.


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Indexing is a a fully automated process. Usually it does not require any particular action on your part. The system will choose suitable values for the following settings:
  • Work Cycle : This indicates the number of seconds between consecutive indexing runs, while there are products yet to be indexed.
  • Idle Cycle : This indicates the number of seconds between runs when there are no products left to index.
  • Process : Here you can set the maximum number of products that the indexer will try to process during each run.
  • Order : This determines which products will be indexed first.
These controls are available:
  • Start : This will start the indexer when it is not running.
  • Stop : This will stop the indexer.
  • Rebuild : This will completely rebuild the index.
Normally, you would not need to use these controls and the indexer should always be kept running. Please note that if the indexer is stopped while there are remaining entries left unprocessed, the search results that are obtained will not include all matching products. The system will automatically index all products in your store and keep everything up-to-date. When you add, modify or remove products, the indexer will update its database by itself. You do not need to do anything to have your store indexed and the Search Engine’s database up-to-date.
If the percentage of completion indicated in the Index section does not increase from 0% after a while, or if it never reaches 100%, this might be due to a configuration conflict or issues caused by errors in other plugins. It might also be due to cron not running (the System Status reports whether WP Cron is running). In either case, please submit a support ticket and we will gladly help you.