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Pre-Sales Support

Common pre-sales questions about extensions.


  • Amazon Extension Comparison

    Amazon offers many different ways to use their payments service and WooCommerce supports all of them. Use this handy guide to help you determine which Amazon Payment Gateway Extension is right for your store. Have a question not answered here? Use our pre-sales question form. Checkout by Amazon Amazon Pay Requires an SSL Certificate? No […]

  • Avalara AvaTax

    Overview Avalara AvaTax provides seamless integration with Avalara’s tax calculation and management services. You can easily and automatically get and charge the appropriate tax rates for your store based on your origin address and your customers’ addresses, and manage all tax reporting in your AvaTax dashboard. AvaTax is available for merchants in almost every country! […]

  • CyberSource Extension Comparison

    CyberSource offers a number of different ways to use their service and WooCommerce supports them with two different plugins. Use this handy guide to help you determine which CyberSource Payment Gateway Extension is right for your store. The checkout flow will vary slightly for each of these plugins. CyberSource direct will work just like any […]

  • How Many Products Can WooCommerce Handle?

    This question isn’t easily answered, as it depends on many variables. The specs behind your server, hosting company, the amount of orders, traffic, and more your site will receive are some of the biggest factors. If you plan to have a WooCommerce store with lots of products and lots of orders, definitely look for a hosting […]

  • How to bundle products with WooCommerce

    It can sometimes be tricky to know which of these methods is required or is most appropriate for the type of products you’re wanting to sell. They all do similar jobs and have some overlap, but they also have significant differences and uses. Knowing how to bundle products with WooCommerce using any of the available […]

  • Luminate Theme Documentation

    Before Getting Started (Optional) We recommend you to complete Woocommerce subscription setup after completing the order/purchase. It will help you to install your theme/extensions & keep them up to date. Installation Prerequisite: Make sure that you’ve downloaded the theme package from https://woocommerce.com/my-account/downloads/ Method 1 (via WordPress dashboard) This is simple & straight forward way to […]

  • Premium Shipping Method Comparison

    As you may have seen, WooCommerce comes complete with several basic core shipping methods for offering flat rates, local pickup, and free shipping. If you require more flexibility for your shipping, you may be interested in one of our premium shipping options. You can view a full list of premium shipping extensions here. We’ll compare some […]

  • Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping

    Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping, an add-on plugin, extends the functionality of WooCommerce Dropshipping adding the following features to existing WooCommerce Dropshipping powered stores: Provides additional options to customize emails sent to dropshipping suppliers Adds more customization options to customer packing slips Adds analytics and reporting capabilities to gather data from affiliate shops Requirements Pro […]

  • Role & Customer Based Pricing by Meow Crew

    Assign different prices for user roles, create user roles and import pricing rules via WP All Import or WooCommerce import tool.

  • WooCommerce Checkout.fi

    Overview The WooCommerce Checkout (Finland) Payment Gateway plugin extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via the Checkout.fi payment portal. You need to register for a contract with Checkout.fi to use this plugin. Requirements A Checkout Finland account PHP 5.6+ (You can see this under WooCommerce > Status) An SSL certificate Your store’s currency must be set […]