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  • Is the Stripe WooCommerce Extension PCI compliant?

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension renders a Stripe-hosted interface to customers that is embedded onto your site via an iframe. While it may look like a customer is entering their card details on your site, that information is actually being added to an interface that is hosted directly on the Stripe servers. As a result of […]

  • Troubleshooting the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    After the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site. Once you begin accepting purchases, you may have additional questions or run into issues related to the Stripe WooCommerce Extension. We’ve compiled some of common issues here. Common issues Contacting support If you […]

  • What version of the Stripe API does the Stripe WooCommerce Extension use?

    We try to use the latest possible and we’ll update it whenever we can. You can find which version we’re using in the latest stable release by reiviewing this code on GitHub.

  • Why do some customers get an error to enable JavaScript?

    JavaScript (also called JS) is a coding language that allows content to be dynamically updated and rendered on a web page. It’s a vital part of the look and experience of a WooCommerce site. The Stripe WooCommerce Extension leverages JavaScript to display important aspects of the payment process for customers — like displaying payment fields. […]

  • Why is Apple Pay only showing in a private Safari window?

    If you enable Apple Pay on your site but it can only be viewed while using a private Safari window, this may be an issue with domain verification that is required for Apple Pay to render properly. To resolve this, we recommend removing the domain from the Stripe dashboard and re-adding it. To do that: […]

  • Why was a charge successful despite an AVS or CVC mismatch?

    The only valid information that is required to approve a card payment are: This means that with any payment gateway, including the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, a card payment be successful even if other information is missing or incorrect. This includes when there is: If a payment is successful in these conditions, it means that a […]