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Customer Experience


  • Can customers save their payment methods?

    Allowing a customer to securely save their payment method to their account provides them with a way to easily make a purchase again in the future — without having to re-enter their payment credentials. If the Enable payments via saved cards setting is enabled in the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, there are two ways for customers […]

  • Customer experience with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    After the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site. If you’d like to make a test payment or better understand the customer experience when interacting with the Stripe gateway, this section of our documentation is the perfect place to learn more! […]

  • Does the Stripe WooCommerce Extension support 3D Secure?

    Yes, the Stripe WooCommerce Extension supports 3D Secure (also known as “3DS” or “SCA”) on both the checkout page and the Pay For Order page. To test the checkout flow on your store with the additional 3D Secure verification step, you can use a 3D Secure test card while the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is in test mode.

  • How can customers use express checkouts?

    When express checkouts are enabled, customers can see the corresponding button on the product page, cart page, and/or checkout page when using a supported device, browser, and payment method. The Stripe WooCommerce Extension is compatible with three express checkout options: Apple Pay and Google Pay will only display for customers if they meet certain requirements. […]

  • How will additional payment methods appear on my checkout page?

    Merchants who use the Stripe WooCommerce Extension can also add additional payment options — in the form of local payment methods — to customers. These are called additional payment methods. The new checkout experience The way these additional payment options appear for customers depends on whether the new checkout experience is enabled in your Stripe WooCommerce […]

  • Testing the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension is very versatile. A part of this versatility is a dedicated way to perform test transactions on your WooCommerce site via the built-in test mode feature. This allows you to make purchases using Stripe test cards. Performing test transactions via test mode is a great way to simulate the customer experience […]

  • What is the checkout experience like with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension?

    WooCommerce is powerful and allows you to customize your customer’s experience from beginning to end. With the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, you have a couple of options available to you to help ensure that you are meeting your customer’s needs and increasing conversions. The main difference is whether or not the new checkout experience is currently […]