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Setup and Configuration


  • Additional payment methods

    Merchants who use the Stripe WooCommerce Extension can accept credit cards, debit cards, and express payment methods. However, merchants can also offer additional payment options — in the form of local payment methods — to customers. This guide will cover: Which additional payment methods can I offer? The Stripe WooCommerce Extension supports the following additional […]

  • Connecting to a Stripe account

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension lets you connect your Stripe account to WooCommerce so you can process payments securely. This doc will cover how you can connect your Stripe account to your WooCommerce store via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension. Creating a Stripe account If you haven’t already created a Stripe account, you will have the opportunity […]

  • Enabling express checkouts

    Express checkout methods allow customers to quickly pay for a product or service using pre-filled information from an existing account. The result is that customers can complete purchases via an express checkout method with very little friction, which can lead to increased conversion rates for sites that offer them. With the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, there […]

  • Installing the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    As a site administrator, you can install the Stripe WooCommerce Extension in various ways, but one of the most accessible is directly from your WordPress site’s admin dashboard. In this guide, we will cover how to install and activate the Stripe WooCommerce Extension from the Plugins section of the WordPress administrator dashboard. Check for the […]

  • Setting up webhooks

    Once you connect your Stripe account, you’ll want to make sure that the Stripe WooCommerce Extension on your site and your Stripe account are both communicating properly with each other. This process is handled by something called “webhooks.” This guide covers how to configure these webhooks so that your Stripe account and your WooCommerce site […]

  • Settings Guide

    Once you’ve connected your Stripe account and configured your webhooks, you can begin accepting payments via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension! However, you may want to adjust some of the plugin settings to change the checkout experience or enable other ways for customers to pay. This guide will walk you through the Stripe WooCommerce Extension settings. […]

  • Setup and Configuration of the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

    The Stripe WooCommerce Extension is a versatile way to accept payments on your WooCommerce site. However, in order for it to work properly, it needs to be set up and configured. Requirements for the Stripe WooCommerce Extension First, let’s make sure you have what’s required to ensure a smooth installation: Installation of the Stripe WooCommerce […]