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Store Manager Options


  • Sort, Search, and Filter Subscriptions

    If you need to find and review a specific customer’s subscription, subscriptions purchased within a specific time frame, or with a certain status you can use the sorting, searching, and filtering actions under WooCommerce > Subscriptions. This guide will explain each and how to use them. Sort subscriptions Sorting subscriptions can help you find larger […]

  • Store Manager’s Guide to Subscription Switching

    Customers can upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions, as well as change the quantity of any items they are subscribed to, when you have the WooCommerce Subscriptions switching feature enabled. The following documentation covers details of the switching process to help clarify what happens when you allow customers to switch between subscription products and how you […]

  • Subscription Switching Process and Costs

    Once the WooCommerce Subscriptions Switching feature is enabled, switching is a smooth and flexible process. Whether your customers are looking to upgrade to a more expensive plan, downgrade to a cheaper one, or switch to a plan with the same cost, you’ll want to understand how these changes affect their billing. This guide explains the […]

  • Subscription Switching with Coupons

    Subscription switches can be tricky, especially when involving coupons. This section clarifies coupon application during switches, helping you understand available discounts and their usage timing. How subscription switching works with coupons Switching from one subscription to another uses the normal checkout process. Consequently, coupon application for switches closely mirrors that of standard subscription purchases. Let’s […]

  • Subscriptions Switching Use Case: Changing Quantities

    Changing Quantities In addition to switching between different products or variations, it is also possible to switch between different quantities of the same product or variation. This is useful to allow customers to change the quantity of items on their subscription. For example, a customer subscribed to 2 bags of coffee per month might need […]

  • Tracking Switches

    When a customer switches a product on a subscription, the way that changes on the subscription depend on a number of factors. This section explains how WooCommerce Subscriptions implements switching under different conditions. It then explains how to keep track of switches by using orders generated at the time of the switch. Updating Product Line […]

  • Manually Add or Import a Subscription

    Just like creating an order manually, WooCommerce Subscriptions also gives store managers the ability to create subscriptions manually. If you’re familiar with creating orders manually in WooCommerce, this process will look familiar but it does have a few distinct differences. This guide explains the process of manually adding or importing a subscription. If you want […]

  • Updating an Existing Subscription

    WooCommerce Subscriptions allows merchants to modify existing customer subscriptions if the payment gateway used supports changes to billing schedules, line items, and/or recurring totals. Unlike orders (a record of a past transaction), Subscriptions are agreements between a store and its customers for future payments. Because of this, you can edit/update a subscription regardless of its […]

  • Change a Subscription from Automatic to Manual Payments

    WooCommerce Subscriptions offers two ways for a customer to change their payments from automatic renewal payments to manual renewal payments. Customers can make the switch themselves if the auto renewal toggle is activated in the Subscriptions settings. If it’s not, a store owner can complete this process for them. This guide outlines the steps a […]

  • Managing Expired Subscriptions

    When creating a subscription product, you can set a specific length to the subscription, for example, 12 months, or 2 years. After this defined period of time, the subscription will expire(or end). When a customer purchases a subscription with a defined length, it will renew until that number of recurring payments has been completed, and then be […]