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API Manager


  • Amazon S3

    Amazon S3 Setup The API Manager allows an Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) URL to be copied and pasted into a product’s Downloadable files > File URL form field, so files can be download through Amazon S3. The secure URLs created by the API Manager for Amazon S3 will expire between 5 – 60 minutes […]

  • API Documentation

    As of version 2.1, the request key has been changed to wc_am_action. See changelog for details. Postman is recommended for remote API testing. The original intent of the API Manager was to provide API Key management, and software updates, for WordPress plugins and themes, however, over time this evolved to allow use cases for software, […]

  • API Manager Subscriptions

    API Manager Subscription intervals are set using the API Access Expires field on the Product edit screen. On the Order screen the expiration date can be manually extended under the API Resources meta box > Access Expires. The API Customers dashboard under the API Manager menu provides much of the required details for each customer. […]

  • Benchmarks

    API Load/Speed Test Test Description The ab – Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool was used to test the WooCommerce API Manager API Status function in three test cases. All tests were performed using an HTTPS connection which is much slower than an HTTP connection. Server Configuration The server used in the test is the live […]

  • My Account Dashboard

    API Keys The API Keys page displays the unique Master API Key that can be used to activate any, and all, API Resources, and the API Resources table. The API Resources table shown below displays the Product Order API Key. Each product is listed individually alongside the corresponding Product Order API Key. If more than one […]

  • Order Screen

    After a customer purchases an API Product/API resource, the API access information will appear on the Order screen, and in the My Account dashboard. On the Order Screen there will be three meta boxes: Master API Key, API Resources, and API Resource Activations. Master API Key The Master API Key is displayed on each Order screen […]

  • Product Setup

    What is an API product? An API product is referred to as a an API resource, or more simply resource. The API Manager allows access to an API resource through an authentication process, which means clients must be logged in to access their resources, and to purchase API products. All API products are virtual, and can […]

  • Settings

    Accounts & Privacy Found under WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Guest checkout API Manager products must be purchased by customers with an existing account, or an account that is created at the time of purchase, so the customer account can be assigned a User ID, which is a critical property in secure authentication […]

  • Troubleshooting

    In the settings section there are several options available to log API requests and responses by turning those options on in the API Manager settings page. Postman is recommended for API testing. Read the Self-Service Guide Review the WooCommerce Self-Service Guide. Data Update Not Completing The first step is to make sure all plugins, themes, and […]

  • WooCommerce API Manager

    WooCommerce API Manager Recommendations It is good practice to update the PHP version before the end-of-life where that version is no longer supported even with security fixes. See current supported PHP versions. When upgrading from API Manager pre 2.0 to 2.0 or greater, the data is migrated to custom database tables and the old data […]