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Introduction to WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to set up bookable products for reservations, services, and rentals/hires. It allows you to offer appointment-based bookings, reservations, and time-based services directly through your online store.

This extension provides a range of features to customize and control the booking process. You can define availability rules based on specific dates, time slots, or custom ranges, ensuring that customers can easily book their desired time. Additionally, WooCommerce Bookings offers flexible pricing options, allowing you to set different rates for different time periods or offer discounts for certain bookings. WooCommerce Bookings simplifies the booking experience for both businesses and customers.

The content linked below aims to teach you how to set up Booking products, how to manage bookings, and how to fully use the extension to its extent. It explains what features are available and options you should consider while setting up booking products and configuring the booking settings in your WooCommerce store.


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  • WooCommerce version 6.0 or higher
  • WordPress version 5.6 or higher
  • PHP version 7.0 or higher


  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded.
  3. Activate the extension.

Once installed and activated, a Bookings menu appears in your dashboard at the sidebar.

More information on Installing and Managing Plugins.

Use Cases

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WooCommerce Bookings is very flexible and can be used for many different purposes. Examples of possible use cases for bookable products include:

  • Booking services and appointments
  • Appointment-based bookings, Scheduling/Booking services, Reservations, or Time-based services
  • Hotel reservations, The free WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings add-on can help you manage hotel reservations.
  • Rentals/Hires

There are certain scenarios where WooCommerce Bookings may not be the most suitable choice. Two examples of such use cases are:

  1. One-off event tickets: If you need to sell tickets for a single event, it is recommended to utilize the existing virtual products functionality or consider using the WooCommerce Box Office extension. Since an event is distinct from a booking, WooCommerce Box Office can better cater to the specific requirements of selling one-time event tickets.
  2. Recurring events: If you have an event that occurs on a regular basis, such as a weekly/monthly occurrence, WooCommerce Bookings is not designed to handle recurring events.

You can view the list of use cases here.

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