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Persons for Bookable Products

If the booking can be made for multiple persons at once, tick the “Has Persons” checkbox. Once selected, a new tab appears:

Bookings has persons

Min and Max Persons

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You can set a min and maximum for persons. Similar to duration, the customer can input a value on the frontend booking form, if enabled.

Multiple all costs by person count

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If “Multiply all costs by person count” is enabled, all costs are multiplied by the number of persons the customer selects.

Count persons as bookings

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If “Count persons as bookings” is enabled, the person count is used as the quantity against the block. The “Max bookings per block” setting above under Availability determines the upper limit for allowed persons per block. Once the limit is reached, more persons cannot be booked.

Person Type

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Bookings person types

The Person Type setting allows you to create different types of people that you can disable on the product page. This can be useful for setting Different pricing depending on the Person type. You can set different prices for different person types. For example, you might want to charge a higher price for adults than for children.

To set up different person types, tick the Enable Persons Type checkbox in your Persons Tab. Once you tick this checkbox, you have the option to add multiple types.

  • Give your Person type a name and define the cost for the type. Adding a description is optional.
  • You can define a minimum and a maximum number for each person type. For example, you could require at least one adult for each booking while making children optional (minimum 0). If you leave Max blank, there are no other restrictions than those of the bookable product itself.
Bookings person types example

Clicking the Unlink button will remove the person type from the product. The person type will still exist, but be hidden, this is so previously created bookings are not broken.

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