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  • Integrating Bookings with Other Extensions

    The below links list extensions from our Marketplace where you can integrate WooCommerce Bookings. Add-Ons

  • Product Vendors Integration

    The Product Vendors plugin (sold separately) integrates with WooCommerce Bookings. When both plugins are used together, you can create a powerful multi-vendor booking marketplace, allowing vendors to offer bookable products like appointments, rentals, or reservations. Integration Features When using Product Vendors alongside Bookings, you will be able to assign your bookable products to other sellers […]

  • WooCommerce Deposits Integration

    The integration between WooCommerce Bookings and the WooCommerce Deposits plugin (sold separately) offers a flexible solution for businesses requiring booking functionality with partial payments. This allows customers to make an initial deposit while booking services, rentals, or other time-based offerings. Below is an outline of this integration and the key features and functionalities it provides. […]

  • Send SMS notification for WooCommerce Bookings

    This guide explains how you can send SMS notifications for bookings to administrators and customers via Twilio using the WooCommerce Twilio extension. Overview When both the WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Twilio plugins are active, you’ll find additional options in Twilio for booking notifications under WooCommerce > Settings > SMS. Types of Notifications Within WooCommerce > Settings > SMS > Bookings […]

  • Product Add-Ons Integration

    WooCommerce Bookings is compatible with Product Add-Ons (available separately). Integrating the Product Add-Ons extension with WooCommerce Bookings allows you to enhance your booking offerings by providing additional booking options for customers, such as gear, accessories, food, etc., along with the associated fees of those add-ons. The setup process for incorporating add-ons for bookable products mirrors […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Custom Google Calendar Integration

    This document explains how to create a custom integration between Google Calendar and your site’s WooCommerce Bookings. The WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to synchronize your Bookings with a Google Calendar and supports two-way syncing. You can connect your Google Calendar using your own app credentials, following the steps below. If you have a working […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Multiple Calendar Integration

    With WooCommerce Bookings, only one Google Calendar can be connected to the site and only from one account (i.e. the admin account). So all bookings made on the site are synced to this one Google Calendar. With the help of WooCommerce Zapier, you can now synchronize multiple booking calendars. You can also sync Individual Booking […]