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WooCommerce Deposits Integration

The integration between WooCommerce Bookings and the WooCommerce Deposits plugin (sold separately) offers a flexible solution for businesses requiring booking functionality with partial payments. This allows customers to make an initial deposit while booking services, rentals, or other time-based offerings. Below is an outline of this integration and the key features and functionalities it provides.

Setting up a bookable product that allows deposit payments is the same as setting up any other bookable product. However, a new Deposits tab is added to Product Data when the deposits plugin is installed and activated. The settings contained within the Deposits tab will allow you to apply a predefined storewide payment plan or override those settings to apply a product-specific deposit structure.

Refer to the Deposits documentation to learn more about storewide and product data deposit settings.

Customer Capabilities

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When using WooCommerce Deposits alongside WooCommerce Bookings, customers can:

  • Make Deposits to Secure Bookings: Customers can pay an initial deposit to secure their booking, with the remaining balance due at a later date or upon service completion.
  • Choose Payment Option: When using WooCommerce Bookings with WooCommerce Deposits, customers will be able to select the payment option that works for their needs directly on the product page.
  • Choose Payment Methods: Customers can select from various payment options, providing them with flexibility and convenience.
  • Manage payments: Customers can view their bookings on the My Account page. It also shows upcoming payments and their updated amounts.

Business Owner Capabilities

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Business owners benefit from this integration in several ways:

  • Flexible Payment Options: You can set deposit structures based on your business needs, whether it’s a fixed amount or a percentage of the total booking cost.
  • Deposits-specific Order Management Options: Always know the status of a booking with a deposit with the built-in order status features like remaining balances and viewing scheduled payments.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancellations: Requiring a deposit reduces the likelihood of customers canceling bookings at the last minute, ensuring a more reliable revenue stream.

Setting Up WooCommerce Bookings with WooCommerce Deposits

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To set up the integration between WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Deposits:

  1. Install and Activate Plugins: Ensure both plugins are installed and activated in your WooCommerce store.
  2. Configure Booking Settings: Set up your bookable products, defining time slots, pricing, and availability.
  3. Configure Deposit Settings: You can determine whether deposits are fixed-value or percentage-based. You can also set deadlines for final payments.
  4. Assign Deposits to Bookable Products: When creating or editing a bookable product, set the deposit option in the Deposits tab of product Data.
  5. Test the Booking Process: After setting up the integration, test the booking process to ensure customers can book with deposits seamlessly.

Additional Resources

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For more information on configuring and using WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Deposits, refer to the official documentation for each plugin:

You can also explore the Deposit Required use case for a practical example of the two extensions working together.

Questions and Support

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