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WooCommerce Bookings



  • Booking Settings

    Note: If you want to save time in configuring the plugin on your website, our trusted partner, Codeable, can help. Check out their offer to configure one or more plugins on your site. Settings for WooCommerce Bookings are all found under Bookings > Settings as of version 1.13. Store Availability Timezones Calendar Connection Previous to […]

  • Bookings FAQs

    Answers to commonly asked questions about WooCommerce Bookings. We recommend reading the Getting Started with Bookings guide, if you haven’t already. Why can’t I check out with other products using Requires Confirmation option? Because a bookable product requiring confirmation also requires a special payment option for checkout, it is not possible to add other products to […]

  • Creating a Bookable Product

    To accept bookings, you need to create a bookable product. Fields will change to reflect bookable products. General settings The first settings are booking duration, calendar display and confirmation preferences. Taxes Select the appropriate Tax status and Tax class for this product, should you need to charge tax or not. Booking duration This determines how long […]

  • Customer Booking Process

    Booking Form A booking form is generated for the front-end Add to Cart form. This is set up according to how the product has been configured. Here is an example of an hourly, time-based booking. If multiple spaces are available per block, the number of remaining spots is shown. The cost is updated dynamically as options […]

  • Getting Started with Bookings

    The WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to set up bookable products for reservations, services, and rentals/hires. Bookings can be given customizable dates, costs and duration, and can be purchased similar to other WooCommerce products. Requirements Installation Once installed and activated, a Bookings menu appears in your dashboard. More information at: . Use cases WooCommerce Bookings is […]

  • Managing Bookings

    Bookings List To view all bookings that have been created, go to Bookings in the Dashboard. A list of bookings appears in reverse chronological order. To filter bookings, select options from a familiar menu at the top. Filter by: Status Date Product/Resource To use bulk actions, select an action from the dropdown and Apply. Move to trash Confirm […]

  • Product Add-Ons Integration

    WooCommerce Bookings is compatible with Product Add-Ons (sold separately). Used together, you can create more powerful booking forms with additional options. Setting up add-ons for bookable products is the same as other types of product with the exception of Add-ons options. Both WooCommerce Bookings and Product Add-Ons must be installed and activated. Follow directions for Creating a […]

  • Using Resources in Bookings

    Overview Using Resources in Bookings allows you to provide specific types of Availability, or handle how Bookings can be made. Resources can be added to multiple Bookable Products with a global level of availability or individual availability. Even though a Bookable Product can have multiple resources associated with it, only one resource can be assigned […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Custom Google Calendar Integration

    The WooCommerce Bookings extension allows you to synchronize your Bookings with a Google Calendar and supports two-way syncing. You can connect your Google Calendar using your own app credentials following the steps below. If you have a working connection but would like to switch to this method, please disconnect the other connection first. Step 1: […]

  • WooCommerce Bookings Google Calendar Integration

    To connect WooCommerce Bookings to your Google Calendar, you need: WooCommerce Bookings Google account – new or existing Setup and Configuration WooCommerce Bookings provides two different methods that you can use to connect to your Google Calendar: 1) Connection method provided by WooCommerce.com. This requires the least amount of setup of the two steps. 2) […]

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