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Bookings Use Case: Cost based on Person Count

This bookings use case shows you how to use WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings to set up a bookable product with different prices based on the number of people in the booking.


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You have a bookable product for which you would like to set different prices based on the person count. The example product below will show you how to offer a discount when there’s more than one attendee. As a bonus, the maximum amount of people you want to limit is 10. One important thing to note here is that you can’t charge two different prices at the same time if you add 2 or more product quantities.

For example, if you add a single quantity, the charge, as per this case scenario, will be $145. But if you add two persons, the charge will be $230 ($115 each).

  • Price for one person is $145
  • Price for 2-10 people is $115

Products Used

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Setup & Configuration

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Creating a Bookable Product

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  1. In the sidebar of your WordPress Admin, click on Products.
  2. Click on the Add New button on the top.
  3. Under Product data select Bookable product.

Configuring the Persons Tab

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  1. To the right side of the Product data box, you will then tick the checkbox for Has Persons.
  2. On the Persons tab of your Bookable product, define the minimum and maximum number of persons allowed. In this example, the minimum is 1 and max is 10.
  3. Then tick the checkbox for Multiply all costs by person count

Configuring Costs

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  1. On the Costs tab, leave both the Base cost and Block cost as 0.
  2. Click Add Range button. This is to define the specific prices along with their progressive discounts.
  3. Select Person count in the Range Type drop down.
  4. Using our example, for the price of a single person, set the range as 1 to 1 and the block cost as +145.
  5. Using our example of 2-10 people, set the range as 2 to 10 and the block cost as +115.
  6. Save the product.

Customer view

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With the setup above, your customers will select a date and see a price of $145 for one person, $230 for two people, $345 for three, etc. This is what your product will look like for your customer:

Questions and Support

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