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Managing Bookings


  • Add Product

    The Add Product page in WooCommerce Bookings enables you to create a new bookable product from scratch or by using templates. Bookable Products differ from simple WooCommerce products because they have specific features designed for businesses that offer time-based services or rental options. This type of product allows customers to book and schedule appointments, rentals, […]

  • All Bookings

    The All Bookings page in the admin dashboard comes with WooCommerce Bookings and enables you to view the entirety of a store’s created bookings. View All Bookings To view all of your bookings, follow these steps: Filtering Bookings In the All Bookings view, you can select different options from a familiar menu at the top to […]

  • Bookings Calendar View

    You can view all your active Bookings in a calendar view format from your dashboard with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin. To view bookings in a calendar style display, log into your website’s dashboard and go to Bookings > Calendar. By default, it shows a Day-based view with Filter options across the top of the screen. The […]

  • Bookings Coupons

    The WooCommerce Bookings plugin adds a new type of WooCommerce coupon, Booking Person Discount (Amount Off Per Person). The new coupon applies specifically to Bookings products that allow multiple people. The specified discount will be applied per person included in the booking. Create a Booking Person Discount Coupon You can follow these steps to create […]

  • Bookings Emails

    The WooCommerce Bookings plugin will automatically send several emails related to bookings made through the plugin. Emails are sent by WooCommerce Bookings to both shop customers and to the shop administrator at certain points in the bookings process. These emails are sent in addition to the regular WooCommerce order notification emails. Bookings Emails During Creation […]

  • In Cart Bookings

    With WooCommerce Bookings, you can view any bookings that are currently in customer carts, but not yet booked. These are In Cart Bookings. Store managers can view In Cart Bookings under Bookings > All Bookings. Click the “In Cart” link in the header to view the In Cart Bookings. A booking that is displayed on the […]

  • Manually Add a Booking

    With the WooCommerce Bookings plugin, you can add a manual booking from the dashboard of your website. Manual bookings with WooCommerce Bookings are available under Bookings > Add Booking on your dashboard menu. To add a manual booking:

  • Relationship Between Bookings and Orders: Understanding the Connection

    A fully formed booking with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings consists of two pieces: The relationship between bookings and orders is an important concept to understand in the context of managing bookings and transactions. When a customer adds a booking product to their cart and checks out, it represents their intention to reserve a specific time […]

  • View or Edit a Booking

    Any existing booking can be viewed through your website’s dashboard. When viewing a booking, you can see full details on the booking day and time, the number of persons, and the assigned resource. In addition, you can follow the link to the matching order. View Booking Details To view and modify the details of a […]

  • Managing Bookings

    When using WooCommerce Bookings, it is critical to have a deep understanding of how to manage these bookings. Explore the resources outlined below to gain a thorough understanding of how to navigate and optimize your bookings, empowering you to streamline operations and deliver exceptional service. All Bookings The All Bookings page provides store managers with […]