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Bookings Emails

The WooCommerce Bookings plugin will automatically send several emails related to bookings made through the plugin. Emails are sent by WooCommerce Bookings to both shop customers and to the shop administrator at certain points in the bookings process.

These emails are sent in addition to the regular WooCommerce order notification emails.

Bookings Emails During Creation

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If the bookings product requires confirmation, then:

  • the customer goes through the checkout process to request the booking for a specific day and time
  • Booking Pending Confirmation: WooCommerce Bookings sends a Booking Pending Confirmation email to the customer to let them know their booking is being reviewed
  • Confirm Booking: WooCommerce Bookings sends a Confirm Booking email to the Admin as an alert that a new request has been made
  • Booking Confirmed: WooCommerce Bookings sends a Booking Confirmed email to the Customer (if confirmed, not cancelled)

For bookings that do not require confirmation, they will join the same flow at this point. The emails at this point continue:

  • Order Processing: For non-virtual bookings, WooCommerce core plugin sends the Order Processing email to the Customer; the Admin would then move the order to Completed when the physical part of the order has been sent. For virtual bookings, the order is automatically marked as Completed.
  • Order Complete: After either option, WooCommerce core plugin sends the Order Complete email to the Customer once the order is marked complete
  • New Order Received: WooCommerce core plugin sends the New Order Received email to the Admin
  • New Booking: WooCommerce Bookings plugin sends the New Booking Email to the Admin

The image below shows the flow of emails sent by both the WooCommerce core plugin and WooCommerce Bookings as part of the bookings process.

WooCommerce Bookings Email Flowchart

Bookings Emails After Booking Creation

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Once a WooCommerce Booking has successfully been created, the following emails are sent out.

  • Bookings Reminder: WooCommerce Bookings sends Booking Reminders to the customer one day prior to their upcoming booking as a reminder. An  .ics file will be included to let the customer save the booking to their calendar.
  • Booking Cancelled: WooCommerce Bookings sends Booking Cancelled emails to the customer when the status of a booking goes to cancelled.
  • Admin Booking Cancelled: WooCommerce Bookings sends Admin Booking Cancelled Emails to the admin when the status of a booking goes to cancelled.
To send custom notifications or to send additional follow up emails, you can use AutomateWoo.

Manually Sent Bookings Emails

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Booking notification emails are sent manually from Bookings > Send Notification.

You can send a manual notification out to all attendees who have a future booking for a specific bookable product.

WooCommerce Bookings Manual Emails

You can embed customer-specific tags into the body of your message to customize the email content to each client. Click on the expander in the lower right corner of the Message box to increase the size of the Message box if needed.

Dynamic tags that can be inserted include:

  • {booking_id}
  • {product_title}
  • {order_date}
  • {order_number}
  • {customer_name}
  • {customer_first_name}
  • {customer_last_name}

In addition, you can attach a calendar .ics file to each email for each client.

Questions and Support

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