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  • Can I offer express payment methods without accepting card payments?

    With WooPayments, you can offer a myriad of payment methods — including express checkout methods. Express checkout options allow customers to quickly add their billing and payment information when placing an order to complete their purchase more quickly. It’s important to note that express payment methods are card payment methods — the payment is still […]

  • Dynamic Pricing, Cart Discounts & Checkout Rules – YayPricing

    Great extension for WooCommerce stores that want to offer discounts and promotions! With YayPricing, you can create multiple rules to discount or markup your product prices.

  • TD SYNNEX Price and Availability For WooCommerce Documentation

    More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions. Setup and Configuration Note: Before entering your credentials, you must request access to the Synnex XML API from your Synnex Sales Representative if you have not already done so. Please ensure your store and database are backed up before performing your first synchronization. To set up your store […]

  • Customer Booking Process

    Booking Form A booking form is generated for the front-end Add to Cart form. This is set up according to how the product has been configured. Here is an example of an hourly, time-based booking. If multiple spaces are available per block, the number of remaining spots is shown. The cost is updated dynamically as options […]