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Apple Pay and Google Pay Compatibility

WooPayments provides your store with Apple Pay and Google Pay, which makes it easier for customers to checkout quickly using their saved account details.

This document will dig into how Apple Pay and Google Pay handle compatibilities with other products and features that are available in WooCommerce.

Product compatibility

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The Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations in WooPayments are compatible with all of these product types:

1 Subscription product purchases require a customer to have or create an account. Guest users can only purchase subscription products via Apple Pay if account username and password generation settings are enabled at WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy.
2 For these types of products, the Apple Pay button cannot be shown on the product page itself. It will appear on the cart and checkout pages, if those are enabled.

Feature compatibility

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Apple Pay and Google Pay are very similar to card payments. As a result, they are compatible with many of the same features as credit or debit card payments — but not all of them.

Can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay without taking card payments in checkout?

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While there there is no way to completely disable card payments during checkout while still using WooPayments for accepting Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can hide the card fields on checkout using some custom CSS.

Can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay if I add extra fields to my checkout page?

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Apple Pay and Google Pay are not compatible with extensions like Checkout Field Editor which may be used to add additional fields on the checkout page.

Can I authorize charges with Apple Pay and Google Pay and capture them later?

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Yes. If you have checked the “Issue an authorization on checkout, and capture later” option in Payments > Settings, you can manually capture authorized charges paid with Apple Pay and Google Pay — just like other credit card transactions.

Can I issue refunds with Apple Pay or Google Pay?

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Yes. WooPayments allows you to issue refunds for Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions just like normal transactions.

This section of our Managing Money guide shows how to refund a payment.

Can I test Apple Pay or Google Pay while in sandbox mode?

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Apple Pay is not currently compatible with sandbox mode, but Google Pay is fully compatible with sandbox mode.

Can customers pay with Apple Pay Later?

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Yes. Customers can pay for goods and services via Apple Pay Later so long as the requirements set forth by Apple are met.

There are no additional transaction fees associated with purchases made via Apple Pay Later.