Learn how to set up, customize, and expand the functionality of your WooCommerce products with our library of documentation and tutorials.

3. Set Up Products



  • How to Add a WooCommerce Product

    To sell on WooCommerce, you need to add products, and you just need a product name and a price to begin. On this page, you’ll learn how to add the various types of core WooCommerce products. Adding a simple product Let’s add a Simple product. You’ll need:  The following example results in a basic product […]

  • Adding and Managing Products

    Before you can sell anything, you need something to sell. That’s why adding and managing products is one of the most important elements of setting up your shop. Getting Started with Product Management in WooCommerce In WooCommerce you can add products with as little as a product name and a price. However to an extent, […]

  • WooCommerce Product Editor Settings

    Each product in your store can be edited at any time if you need to update pricing, the description, the images, etc. On this page, you’ll learn about each of the settings in the Product editor and how to edit each one. What are the settings in the WooCommerce Product Editor The Product Editor can […]

  • Variable Products

    Variable products in WooCommerce let you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image, and more for each variation. You can use them for a product like a t-shirt, which you can offer in large, medium, and small sizes, all in different colors. On this page you’ll learn: Adding a Variable […]

  • Virtual and Downloadable Products

    Marking a product as virtual and/or downloadable, you designate it as a product that either isn’t shipped, can be downloaded, or both. These settings are useful for intangible products like services or something like an album, which might offer both delivery and download options. On this page, you’ll learn the basics about how to add […]

  • Digital/Downloadable Product Guide

    While the default downloadable product settings work for most Woo merchants, some merchants may find that they need a different configuration. This page guides you through the different downloadable product configurations to help you find one that fits your needs.  On this page you’ll learn: Digital/Downloadable Products: General Settings Note: If you selected either Force […]

  • Duplicate or Delete a Product

    As your store evolves you may find it necessary to delete certain products for various reasons or duplicate others to quickly add more products with similar settings. On this page, you’ll learn how to duplicate products or delete them entirely from your WooCommerce store. Duplicating a product Duplicating existing products is a time-saver. This way […]

  • Feature, Filter, and Sort Products

    There are several default ways in which you can arrange and present products to your customers to highlight the ones you feel need the most attention. On this page you’ll learn: Mark a product as Featured To mark a product as featured, go to Products > All Products and select the Star in the featured column. Alternatively, select Quick Edit and […]

  • Managing Product Categories, Tags and Attributes

    Product categories, tags, and attributes are different ways you can use to organize, display, and filter products in your WooCommerce store. Being technical, you would call these product taxonomies. Though their uses overlap a bit, each one serves a slightly different purpose. In this document we’ll explore these three fundamental taxonomies for organizing and managing […]

  • Migrating products between sites

    Data portability is a fundamental advantage of platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress, WooCommerce empowers merchants to fully own and control their data. This ensures that you can freely transfer and utilize your data across different systems as needed. In the context of this documentation, we’ll cover some options for exporting and migrating WooCommerce products. How […]