Learn how to set up, customize, and expand the functionality of your WooCommerce products with our library of documentation and tutorials.

1. Installation & Updating


  • Installing and Uninstalling WooCommerce

    Overview WooCommerce can be installed and uninstalled the same as any other WordPress plugin. Full installation and configuration of WooCommerce on your site is an additional optional step to help with full setup, this is available in the Setup wizard. Take a moment to review the server requirements before installation or you may encounter issues when […]

  • WooCommerce Setup

    Introduction Having a customizable eCommerce platform means that there are a lot of available settings to tweak. The Onboarding Wizard and Setup Checklist take you through all the necessary initial steps to set up your store and get it ready to start selling! Immediately after activating the plugin, you are taken to the Onboarding Wizard. […]

  • Start with WooCommerce in 5 Steps

    In this Getting Started guide, we teach you how to set up a website with WooCommerce. Choose Hosting See Official WooCommerce Hosting page for our recommendations. Use a Different Host and Install WordPress If you choose another host instead of WordPress.com you can use the free WordPress software platform. Many hosting companies have one-click WordPress […]

  • Home Screen

    WooCommerce Home is an overview dashboard from where you can see your store performance, get useful tips and insights to grow your business, and quickly access the most important areas from where manage your store. Display Settings A panel named Display, in the upper-right corner of the home screen, allows you to adjust the home […]

  • WooCommerce Pages

    Installation and Configuration: Upon installation, WooCommerce creates the following new pages via the Setup Wizard: How can I add a shortcode if I am using the block editor? To add the shortcode to a page with the Block Editor, please use the Shortcode Block, enter the shortcode and save the page. Re-install Pages or Install […]

  • Importing WooCommerce Sample Data

    Right after installing WooCommerce, your store may look empty, — no products, orders, reviews. This is intentional so you can get started creating your own products and setting up WooCommerce exactly as you need. But maybe you’d like to see what a store full of sample products looks like. If so, we’ve got some data […]

  • Choosing the Right Theme

    Choosing the right WooCommerce theme will naturally be largely subjective. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as they say. But beauty is only skin deep. Here are some tips to consider before choosing a theme for your store. Check out our full list of themes ↗ Aesthetic Don’t just search for a theme which […]

  • Updating WooCommerce

    You can choose to update WooCommerce with one click or manually update it. One-Click Update Be sure you’ve read and understand how to update your site, then come back to your live site to update.. Back up your live site. Go to: Dashboard > Updates within WordPress. If there is an update, you’ll see WooCommerce in the list of plugins/themes to update. […]

  • Installed Taxonomies and Post Types

    Here we detail the taxonomies and post types specific to WooCommerce, which are fundamental for organizing and managing different content types within a WordPress site. Understanding these elements is crucial for developers and site administrators to effectively extend, customize, and manage their WooCommerce installations. Taxonomies and Post Types Two major building blocks in the WordPress […]

  • Installed Database Tables

    WooCommerce installs some custom tables to store its data during install. More about tables installed: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/wiki/Database-Description Tables can be removed when uninstalling WooCommerce, not during deactivation. This doesn’t happen automatically. To delete the WooCommerce tables from the database entirely, follow the instructions at Uninstalling WooCommerce.