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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Email & SMTP Providers

    This document aims to explain how email works. It also explains the role SMTP providers play in ensuring your shop’s emails are delivered to your customers. Understanding how email works is a big part of keeping your WooCommerce shop’s emails running smoothly. Related documents for additional reference: How does email work? Imagine sending an email […]

  • Email Authentication, Sender Requirements

    This document explains what email Authentication is, and how you can implement it on your site to ensure your store’s emails are delivered. It also covers email authentication requirements that have been put in place by some public inbox providers. In this digital age, where online transactions and communications are central to our lives, the […]

  • Extension Translations

    WooCommerce is beginning to translate WooCommerce.com-owned extensions into multiple languages. We will be highlighting the supported languages in a new field on each product page as well as a country flag to identify if the extension works in that location. We have plans to translate WooCommerce owned extensions in 2020 and are starting with Spanish. […]

  • PCI-DSS Compliance and WooCommerce

    What is PCI-DSS? PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of actionable rules defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to encourage the broad adoption of consistent data security measures around the world with an aim to reduce credit card fraud. These rules apply to anyone who stores, processes, or […]


    Is SSL set up on my website properly? Use Qualys SSL Labs SSL Test to determine if your website/store is properly configured after installation of an SSL certificate. Enter your domain, and click submit. It also grades the web server configuration and tells you what should be changed to be more secure. Typically these changes need […]

  • WooCommerce Guidelines for CBD and Other Hemp-Derived Products

    Scope of Guidance If you’re only using the open-source WooCommerce software (the free core Plugin), these guidelines don’t apply to you. Because WooCommerce is open-source software, we don’t limit its use unless your site is hosted at WordPress.com or on Pressable. These guidelines apply to store owners who’d like to sell cannabidiol (CBD) and other […]

  • WooCommerce REST API

    The WooCommerce REST API is a powerful tool for connecting your WooCommerce shop to external systems and resources. Unless you’re a developer, in most cases the integration you’re working with will only require you to generate API keys for you to enter in their system, and you’ll be connected to the external service! This document […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to WooCommerce, products sold on WooCommerce.com, and account management on WooCommerce.com.

  • Finding PHP Error Logs

    With WordPress and WooCommerce, PHP error logs can be useful when investigating an issue with a site. This guide will provide steps and information about accessing the PHP error logs either within WooCommerce or on a hosting server. WooCommerce Logger WooCommerce features a logging system accessible via WooCommerce > Status > Logs, which records PHP […]

  • Abusive Content on a Store Built with WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is a free, open-source product that is available for anyone to download and use with their self-hosted WordPress site. While this means a lot of wonderful products are sold through our software, the open-source and distributed nature of WooCommerce means that there may also be stores using the platform for purposes that are malicious […]