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  • Configuring caching plugins

    Excluding pages from the cache Oftentimes if using caching plugins they’ll already exclude these pages. Otherwise make sure you exclude the following pages from the cache through your caching systems respective settings. These pages need to stay dynamic since they display information specific to the current customer and their cart Excluding WooCommerce session from the […]

  • Creating WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ URLs

    Below, we’ll cover how you can create specific links to add products to your customers cart using custom URLs. You can add products to the cart, specify the quantity, and even redirect to another page all with a URL or link. Finding Your Product ID These ‘Add to Cart’ URLs all require knowing the product […]

  • Email Authentication, Sender Requirements

    This document explains what email Authentication is, and how you can implement it on your site to ensure your store’s emails are delivered. It also covers email authentication requirements that have been put in place by some public inbox providers. In this digital age, where online transactions and communications are central to our lives, the […]

  • How to update your PHP version

    PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language, powering millions of websites including most WooCommerce stores. If you arrived at this page from the notice in your WooCommerce store, your store is running an outdated and unmaintained version of PHP. Not only is your website’s performance (a lot) lower than it should be, you may find […]

  • Shopping on Instagram and WooCommerce

    Shopping on Instagram allows you to market and sell products using the Instagram mobile app and is available to all WooCommerce store owners who meet Shopping on Instagram requirements. Many shoppers are visual, and this gives them a channel to engage, explore, and buy. Requirements WooCommerce store with physical products Instagram app for iOS or […]