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Can I offer express payment methods without accepting card payments?

With WooPayments, you can offer a myriad of payment methods — including express checkout methods. Express checkout options allow customers to quickly add their billing and payment information when placing an order to complete their purchase more quickly.

It’s important to note that express payment methods are card payment methods — the payment is still processed like a credit or debit card purchase because a customer is using their credit or debit card details that are saved to their WooPay, Apple, Google, or Link account.

You may want to offer these express payment methods without displaying the card payment fields on your site’s checkout page. If this is the case, then you can hide the WooPayments fields by adding some CSS to your site.

NOTE: We are unable to provide support for custom code under our Support Policy. If you need to customize a snippet further or extend its functionality, we highly recommend Codeable or a Certified WooExpert.

To hide the WooPayments card fields on your checkout page, you can add the following custom CSS to your site at Appearance > Additional CSS:

/* Hide the WooPayments card fields on checkout (18734003144273) */
.payment_method_woocommerce_payments {
    display: none;

Once the above CSS is added, select the Publish button toward the top of the page. Your changes will be saved and the card fields will no longer appear on your checkout page.

NOTE: You may need to refresh your checkout page and/or clear your browser cache for the changes to appear.